Episode 45 - CoCo Crew Podcast wrap-up and more

The latest episode of the CoCo Crew Podcast has dropped, if you missed it, visit http://cococrew.org The host discussion was based off a Facebook post about cross-posting to multiple groups, and I think we'll pick that topic up and add a few more than two cents to it.

We may also have another question to ask, and possibly answer in our new segment, "Why did Tandy do that?" of "Why did they do that?" so stay tuned to find out. To join the show add CoCo TALK! as a Skype contact by searching for cocotalk@cocotalk.live and adding that contact.

On the call: Allen Huffman, Jason "CoCoMan" Reighard, David Ladd, Grant Leighty, Curtis Boyle, Mark Overholser, Nick Marentes, Richard Lorbieski, Steve Bjork, Ron Delvaux, Can Ken Make it Ken Reighard

Original YouTube video episode: https://youtu.be/1CuZ8-fgAUg

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Regular segments:
Panel introduction, review of how our week in the retro hobby transpired.

Feed back review:
We go over previous episodes, how many views have they received, what's our current podcast download count, who sent us comments, email feed back, all those and more will be discussed and shared.

Community activity reviews:
Review of news and postings from the Facebook group and the Color Computer mailing list.

Each week Grant Leighty will have the newbie question of the week about something to do with your color computer or emulator.

L. Curtis Boyle and David Ladd provide us with some more depth on technical discussions

Ron's Garage!
Ron Delvaux offers us a peek into the past by showing of his impressive retro computing collection, each week we'll see some new items and talk about them.

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