243 - CoCo New Year! Happy 2022

CoCoTALK! Episode 243 - CoCo New Year! Happy 2022

00:00:00 -Start/Intro
00:01:44 -Start of the show!
00:02:05 -Panel Introductions
00:07:30 -A special presentation by D. Bruce Moore & Rick Adams
00:20:20 -We paid the sound bill!
00:27:00 -Terry Steen, Dont watch/listen to this part, and no one tell him!
00:27:40 -Terry Steen, just skip to here!
00:29:25 -Game On! Results, With Nick Marotta! Featuring Ken of Canadian Retro Things
00:31:45 -Game On! discussion - Dragon Slayer
00:44:30 -Game On! discussion - Thexder
00:58:25 -Game On! Challenge LIVE report
01:14:14 -Game On! Game for next week, With(out) Nick Marotta! But... Featuring Ken of Canadian Retro Things
01:16:10 -Thank you Patrons!
01:17:45 -Are you on Discord? Join Here: Discord.CoCoTalk.Live
01:18:18 -Commercial Break
01:20:18 -Who's new to Discord?
01:20:25 -Who's new to Discord? (Take 2!)
01:22:34 -CoCoFest 2022!
01:23:43 -Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
01:25:20 -Game On! News} Sheldon MacDonald- update on his Ice Brawlers, which I am waiting for!
01:28:42 -Game On! News} Jim Gerrie- Demon Attack, but compiled... and Tank... and Dropship... and more we dont even know about yet!
01:33:10 -Game On! News} tanam 1972/YT- Frogger port from "Gakken Compact Vision TV Boy" to MC-10
01:36:16 -Game On! News} Chris Hawkins/YT- "10 day Christmas Countdown" of Dragon games
01:3:31 -Game On! News} James Jones- Google doc on conversion of the 1K ZX-81 BASIC game to BASIC09
01:40:35 -Game On! News} Pere Serrat- AGD pack #43 released, #44 is next!
01:44:04 -Game On! News} Paul Shoemaker- Progress update on Dragon version of Poker Squares
01:47:43 -Game On! News} Paul Thayer/YT- VLOG #5 on upcoming CocoBan
01:51:51 -Game On! News} Neil Blanchard- GMC cartridge version of Ciaran Anscombs's Blockdown
01:53:13 -Game On! News} Sibling Rivalry (Tim & AJ)/YT- Episode 10, PitStop! (Hey AJ!  Tim cheated! )
01:59:23 -Game On! News} LardDeus/YT- gameplay video/review of Dino Wars
02:01:07 -Game On! News} Retro PC- new game 'LIFT' (MC-10/Coco)
02:02:45 -End of Line for... Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
02:03:03 -Commercial Break
02:05:15 -News, with L. Curtis Boyle
**CoCo/General News**
02:05:35 -CoCo News} Glen Hewlett- blog post and video on his mod's to Simon Jonassens' dot plot demo
02:08:28 -CoCo News} Terry Steege@Retro Tech Time/YT- Commercial for CoCoFest 2022!
02:09:09 -CoCo News} Kevin Phillipson & Michael Rywalt- Updated video on "Turbo9"
02:13:27 -CoCo News} Allen Huffman- his  of the Logicker Vintage Computing Challenge and playing with bits
02:16:26 -CoCo News} 48KRAM/TW- stream demonstrating some Christmas programs, CoCo at Time Stamp-51:00
02:18:56 -CoCo News} AC's 8-bit Zone/YT- Next in sprite series, FPGA Sprite board!
02:24:00 -CoCo News} The Coco Crew- Released Episode #79! this is pack full of CoCo goodness!
02:28:10 -CoCo News} Alfredo Santos- pictures of his old Coco's from his attic, including older 4K Coco 1's
02:33:03 -Samuel Gimes???
02:34:08 -CoCoTalk, New and IMPROVED!
02:34:54 -Back to the CoCoTalk streaming show!
02:36:46 -CoCo News} Brian Schubring- video and the Ultimuse file for playing "Carol of the Bells" via MIDI from the Coco 3
02:44:37 -Remove... um WHO?!?
02:44:55 -CoCo News} Rick Adams & D. Bruce Moore- re-mixed version of Nightmare Highway
02:45:15 -CoCo News} Simon Jonassen- sourcecode for his "infinite bobs" demo
02:46:06 -CoCo News} John Linville/YT- "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" performed on the GMC cartridge
02:46:46 -CoCo News} The Taylor and Amy Show/YT- upgrading a Coco 2 from 16K to 64K RAM, and then play Math Bingo
02:51:10 -CoCo News} NML32/YT- first alpha release of the free Coco 3 core for the MiSTer
02:53:20 -CoCo News} Color Computer Programming/YT- released more BASIC programming videos over the holidays
**MC-10 News**
02:55:22 -MC-10 News} John Linville- found MC-10 PSU's at Jameco!
**Dragon News**
03:00:33 -Dragon News} Tom Erik Gundersen- early Serial number model, #388!
03:01:10 -End of Line for... News, with L. Curtis Boyle
03:03:30 -Project Updates and Acquisitions
03:04:00 -PUA} Sloopy X. Malibu
03:07:20 -"OS-9? Never heard of it" -sloopy, just before he disappeared from this planet
03:14:34 -PUA} Rick Ulland
03:20:40 -PUA} Brian "The Music Man" Schubring
03:23:13 -Upcoming guests
03:23:53 -Outtro
03:26:46 -Encore playing of Nightmare Highway Country Remix
03:29:45 -CoCoTalk, now with better audio!
03:30:00 -Good Bye Everybody!

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