242 - Special Guest David Lent

Today's special guest is none other than David Lent who's YouTube channel is Computer Hobbyist  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC11512Vl1wFobXU6ZSIylLQ

David did a video tour of VCFMW this year and also attended CoCoFEST! where he interviewed some hack named Stevie Strow, check out that interview here:

We'll hear Dave's story, have GameON! results, news, updates, and more!

00:00:00 -Start/Intro
00:01:50 -Start of the show!
00:02:00 -Panel Introductions, (We shut off Stevies mic, but didnt tell him :) )
00:05:10 -Special Guest, David Lent
00:40:10 -Thank you Patrons!
00:41:05 -Who's new to Discord?
00:42:10 -Commercial Break
00:46:00 -CoCo Thoughts By Samuel Gimes
00:47:17 -Panel response to the wisdom of Samuel Gimes
00:48:30 -Game On! Results, With Nick Marotta! Featuring Ken of Canadian Retro Things
00:49:50 -Game On! discussion
01:11:30 -We found sloopy! he has returned from Wawa for coffee!
01:11:40 -Game On! Challenge LIVE report
01:25:25 -Game On! Game for next week, With(out) Nick Marotta! But... Featuring Ken of Canadian Retro Things
01:35:35 -Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
01:36:06 -Game On! News} Paul Thayer- VLOG of his Coco 3 game, CocoBan
01:39:25 -Game On! News} Paul Shoemaker- Poker Squares, that does not use artifact colors but "regular" PMODE 3
01:40:28 -Game On! News} Tim Thayer- covert leaked images of a new game!
01:42:00 -Game On! News} Jim Gerrie- KINGMOVE by John Krutch
01:43:03 -Game On! News} Kees van Oss and Pere Serrat- AGD games Pack #42 released!
01:48:16 -Game On! News} inufuto- Mazy for the MC-10
01:50:42 -Game On! News} Chris Hawkins@Chris's Retro Corner/YT- Dragon game plays!
01:55:35 -Game On! News} Erico Monteiro- 1K War of the Worlds
01:57:17 -End of Line for... Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
01:57:47 -Commercial Break, now with Fletcher!
02:01:03 -News, with L. Curtis Boyle
**CoCo/General News**
02:01:21 -CoCo News} Viewers/Panel- Who is the best games programmer for the Color Computer?
02:12:21 -CoCo News} Guillaume Major- working on a new program for the CocoSDC that will let you flash the ROM banks
02:14:34 -CoCo News} Todd Wallace- major update to his chiptunes player for NitrOS-9
02:21:11 -CoCo News} Roger Taylor- more updated photos of the GIME die's (both 1986 and 1987 versions
02:22:58 -CoCo News} Jamie Cho- Twitter link on Facebook from famous hacker and actress Jeri Ellsworth, where she helped restore a Coco 2
02:24:34 -CoCo News} Michael Furman- how to get NitrOS-9 EOU running under XRoar using it's IDE controller emulation
02:28:48 -CoCo News} Tony Jewell- changing the Brazilian Coco clone (Prologica CP400)to run in the UK
02:31:11 -CoCo News} Allen Huffman/YT- Second video on using BASIC to deal with individual bits
**MC-10 News**
02:32:50 -MC-10 News} Jim Gerrie- He has completed everything that can be programmed on an MC-10
**Dragon News**
02:37:37 -Dragon News} John Whitworth- orders for the 2nd round of PSU's for the Dragon
02:40:35 -Dragon News} Richard Harding- 2nd Video (with commentary this time) for his walkaround at the Dragon Meetup
02:41:11 -Dragon News} Retro Marky/YT- Recieved a Dragon 32 system from a family member, and did a video unboxing, and  clearning
02:42:12 -CoCo News} Terry Steege@Retro Tech Time/YT- Setup a CoCo with a Gotek!
02:52:12 -End of Line for... News, with L. Curtis Boyle
02:53:00 -Project Updates and Acquisitions
02:53:30 -PUA} Rick Ulland
02:57:05 -PUA} Grant Leighty, El Jeffe of CoCoFest 2022
03:02:20 CoCo Networking with Rick Ulland and panel
03:10:20 -PUA} Sloopy X. Malibu
03:29:29 -PUA} Jason "The CoCoMan" Reighard
03:31:41 -PUA} Stevie "Ring Leader" Strow
03:48:58 -Outtro
03:51:15 -Final Thoughts
03:52:22 -Upcoming speakers and other show topics
03:55:35 -Thank you to all the people involved in the show, in front of the 'camera' and behind!
03:57:05 -Good Bye Everybody!

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