Episode 235 - MC-10 Special!

CoCoTALK! Episode 235 - MC-10 Special!

With special guests: Darren Ottery, Simon Jonassen, Robert Sieg, Greg Dionne, Jim Gerrie, Alan Cox, and James Diffendaffer!

00:00:00 -Start/Intro
00:02:55 -Start of the MicroCoCoTalk show!
00:03:50 -Panel Introductions
00:08:20 -L. Curtis Boyle, driver of this dumpster fire!
00:13:15 -First Special Guest, Darren Ottery
00:46:50 -Second Special Guest, Simon Jonassen
01:32:08 -Commercial break
01:35:24 -Who is new on Discord!
01:37:07 -Third Special Guest, Robert Sieg
01:37:47 -Third Special Guest, Now, WITH Robert Sieg!
02:23:30 -Fouth Special Guest, Greg Dionne
03:29:45 - Ron Delvaux hacks hardware!
03:31:11 -Fifth Special Guest, Jim Gerrie (as if there could be an MC-10 special without Jim!)
04:09:09 -Sixth Special Guest, Alan Cox 
04:39:00 -Commercial break, with Fletcher!
04:42:20 -Seventh Special Guest, James Diffendaffer
05:08:55 -Game On! Results, With Nick Marotta! Featuring Ken of Canadian Retro Things
05:10:45 -Curse you MrDave6309 for scoring more then me! :)
05:11:20 -Game On! discussion
05:31:13 -Game On! Game for next week, Featuring Ken of Canadian Retro Things
0:: -Game On! Challenge LIVE! With Sloopy
05:16:36 -El Guesto, El Presidente Jim Brain.
29th Annual "Last" CoCoFEST!
November 6th and 7th 2021!
05:47:30 -Presentation by John Strong
06:02:42 -Thank you to our guests and viewers!
06:03:10 -Good Bye Everybody!

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