Episode 233 - Special Guest Ciaran Anscomb++

CoCoTALK! Episode 233 - Special Guest Ciaran Anscomb++

Today's special guest is Ciaran Anscomb, aka Sixxie, author of the Xroar emulator, and so much more.  We'll hear about his games, his emulator, and speak with his co-interviewers Steve "Bosco" Bamford and Stewart Orchard, all from the Dragon community.

00:00:00 -Start/Intro
00:03:00 -Start of the show!
00:03:25 -Panel Introductions
00:08:00 -Special Guest, Ciaran Anscomb, aka Sixxie, aka XRoar developer!
01:06:30 -Additinal Special Guest, Stew Orchard
01:54:35 -Commercial break
01:57:50 -Who is new on Discord!
02:00:18 -Game On! Results, With Nick Marotta! Featuring Ken of Canadian Retro Things
02:02:20 -Game On! discussion
02:21:31 -Game On! Game for next week, With(out) Nick Marotta! But... Featuring Ken of Canadian Retro Things
02:23:55 -Game On! Challenge LIVE! With Sloopy
02:26:44 -Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
02:27:02 -Game On! News} vghchannel/YT- Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? on CoCo3 review
02:29:02 -Game On! News} This Week in Retro/YT- updated CoCo info
02:30:25 -End of Line for... Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
02:30:45 -Commercial break
02:34:02 -News, with L. Curtis Boyle
**CoCo/General News**
02:34:24 -CoCoTalk show give-away
02:41:38 -CoCo News} Sheldon Hildebrand- updates to his 3D engine
02:43:43 -CoCo News} Alfredo Santos- images of his heavily customized Coco 3
03:01:58 -CoCo News} Kenneth Udut- Short video on the Orchestra-90
03:02:55 -CoCo News} Timothy Halloran- Images of his display table from Tandy Assembly
03:06:38 -CoCo News} Allen Leno- Images of a modern AMD based machine put into a Coco 3 case
03:08:10 -CoCo News} Tandy Assembly/John Linville- Posted images from Tandy Assembly 2021!
03:10:22 -CoCo News} Richard Kelly- A BMP reader program for RGB displays
03:11:04 -NickM- Original RCA TV, Tandy used modified OEM for the Model 1
03:14:30 -CoCo News} The RetroChannel/YT- CoCo2 repair and upgrade video
03:16:10 -CoCo News} Color Computer Programming/YT- Videos on on various topics
03:18:28 -CoCo News} KOJRO Retro Innovations/YT- video comparing the Dragon 32 to the Coco 1
03:34:04 -CoCo News} Allen Huffman/YT- video on the inner workings of ECB
03:35:53 -CoCo News} "Me"/YT- animated Dali clock on CoCo3
03:37:27 -CoCo News} RetroComputo/YT- Showing off their new CoCo3
03:40:40 -CoCo News} Pedro Pena/YT- demo of his Pepper board (SALT Replacement)
03:43:47 -CoCo News} Arctic Retro/YT- Mail Call episode, includes a Dragon 32
**MC-10 News**
03:45:58 -MC-10 News} Simon Jonassen- multi-voice music player
03:49:00 -MC-10 News} lowlevel- Blog post on swapping the SHIFT/CONTROL keys
03:51:08 -MC-10 News} Jim Gerrie- Video of Nyan Cat, with music
**Dragon News**
03:53:30 -Dragon News} Dan Doore- Image of Megadrive controller with a custom Dragon Logo
03:57:47 -End of Line for... News, with L. Curtis Boyle
03:59:15 -Project Updates and Acquisitions
03:59:25 -PUA} R. Allen Murphy
04:04:55 -PUA} Ron Delvaux
04:09:30 -PUA} Rick Uland
04:10:30 -Upcoming Guests and show details
04:14:30 -The Outtro...
04:16:50 -John Laury, Model 1 Montior
04:22:15 -Panel discussion on various topics
04:28:55 -Good Bye Everybody!

We'll also have the results of the winner of the Drive Wirelessly raffle and so much more!

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