Episode 210 - CoCo 2 Blue Board

Special Guest Pedro Pena talks about his project to recreate a replacement motherboard for the CoCo 2 which is open source.  Links to all things discussed in the news available in our CoCo Discord server, http://discord.cocotalk.live

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:10 - Intro
00:02:29 - Start of the show!
00:02:55 - Viewer Introductions
00:03:20 - Panel Introductions
00:07:00 - Special Guest Pedro Pena, Maker of the new CoCo2 mainboard!
00:48:00 - Whos's New to the CoCotalk Discord
00:49:25 - CoCo Thoughts, by Samuel Gimes
00:50:00 - Game On! Results, With Nick Marotta!
00:52:20 - Game On! discussion
01:32:25 - Game On! Game for next week, With Nick Marotta!
01:33:55 - Stevies wife is baking lasagna, and its making us hungry!
01:34:10 - Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
01:34:20 - Game On! News} Jim Gerrie- has released a compiled version Berzerk
for the MC-10, with a new method for diagonal movement and checkers updates 
01:36:30 - Game On! News} Paul Shoemaker- Updates and release of CocoVGA edition of Poker Squares game 
01:41:08 - Game On! News} Mike Ohearn Sr.- showed his "Franken Joystick", a
homemade hack... for game controls, until he can get a real one. 
01:42:22 - Game On! News} Henry Reitveld- Video of Donkey Kong Remix, loaded from a precariously balanced real hard drive
01:43:30 - Game On! News} ROBOS- Videos of Dragon game play
01:51:41 - News, with L. Curtis Boyle
**CoCo/General News**
01:52:02 - CoCo News} Rocky Hill (aka Pedro Pena)- has released a video showing
his new Rev B main board Coco 2 main motherboard complete with a few fixes
01:59:33 - CoCo News} Simon Jonassen- has an updated video showing the smooth
scrolling VDG text screen and demo sound program
02:01:52 - CoCo News} Barry Nelson- uploaded some "headless" NitrOS-9 Level 1
images to the Coco group, These are set up to boot with a shell onto the
serial port, and ADOS update
02:05:18 - CoCo News} Paul Fiscarelli- posted a video showing his new SWTPC
6809 system, and a cloned 6 bit DAC Newtech Model 68 Music Card
02:12:15 - CoCo News} Coco Crew- April episode released, Topics include:tech discussion on the TIMER function in Extended BASIC, and about the Coco hobby getting more expensive, and thus not as much fun, for some. 
02:16:48 - CoCo News} Tom Best- video on YouTube with his original Coco 2,
along with a few mods 
02:31:55 - CoCo News} Coco Facebook group- a program has been written for the
Commodore 64 to mine bitcoins, and discussion on the 6809 taking half the time 
02:34:08 - CoCo News} John Laury- a quick little ML demo of a way to "fade"
characters out/in 
02:36:55 - CoCo News} Radio Shack- Coco badge shirts up for sale again, after disappeared for awhile 
**MC-10 News**
02:37:22 - MC-10 News} Robert Sieg- posted a picture of a "graphics" dump he did with his MC-10 and TP-10 printer - which isn't supposed to be capable of graphics 
**Dragon News**
02:38:04 - Dragon News} John Whitworth- updated/fixed issues with his DragonPlus boards 
02:39:05 - Dragon News} John Whitworth- also posted a video explaining an issue he was having with his new DragonPlus boards, and how he fixed it  
02:40:10 - Dragon News} The Digital Orphanage- put up their final Dragon 32 repair/test/play videos 
02:50:00 - End of Line for... News, with L. Curtis Boyle
02:50:10 - Project updates and acquisitions
02:50:30 - PUA} Brian Wiesler
02:54:30 - PUA} R. Allan Murphy
02:56:30 - Features wanted in the new CoCo mainboard!
02:57:05 - Stevie thanks to the crew during his absence
02:58:48 - Closing Credits/Outtro
03:00:58 - Final Thoughts/CoCoTalk Caboose!
03:01:25 - Encore presentation of our tribute to our favorite Australian/Italian
03:50:50 - Goodbye Everybody!

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