Episode 207

CoCoTALK! Episode 207

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:08 - Intro
00:02:48 - Start of the show!
00:03:05 - Shout outs to chat visitors
00:04:05 - Panel Introductions
00:06:40 - Happy Birthday to David Kroeker and Mark Overholser
00:08:25 - CoCo Thoughts, by Samuel Gimes
00:09:50 - Game On! Results, With Nick Marotta!
00:10:00 - Game On! Results, With Nick Marotta! (for real this time, now with PROFESSIONALISM!)
00:11:50 - We formally apologize to Marcie for making a mistake with her score, and Nick has been punished for this and he truely repents for his mistake.
00:12:40 - Game On! discussion
00:25:32 - Encore of Happy Birthday to David Kroeker and Marc Mark Overholser
00:26:10 - Game On! Game for next week, With Nick Marotta!
00:29:16 - Nick Merentes joined the show, may be he will help make the show better?
00:31:31 - Another Encore of Happy Birthday to David Kroeker and Marc Mark Overholser (we are doing these instead of commercial breaks)
00:31:51 - Keeping this train rollin!
00:32:20 - CoCo 123, the Glenside news letter is released! April 28th Glenside Virtual Meet Up!

00:36:08 - News, with L. Curtis Boyle
**CoCo/General News**
00:37:38 - CoCo News} Ciaran Anscomb- posted a demo/download, showing a hardware scrolling trick on the VDG
00:44:04 - CoCo News} John Laury/FB- Images of his CoCo3 with GIME-X, 6309 and CoCoMech keyboard! ( drool! )
01:28:40 - CoCo News} Jerry Stratton- post on his site entitled "What are the 8 bits in 8-bit computing?"
01:31:50 - CoCo News} MrDave6309/YT- new cartridge, case and PCB ( These are awesome! )
01:38:04 - CoCo News} Darren Ottery/FB- Quad multi-viewer, where one can hook up multiple systems and display them simultaneously on a large TV
01:41:00 - CoCo News} Ermani Cioffi/YT- demonstrating his new Coco / CP400 joystick, with analog controls
**MC-10 News**
01:43:18 - MC-10 News} Robert Sieg- video/download of the start of his high res editor for the MC-10 MCX32
**Dragon News**
01:45:48 - Dragon News} The Gen1Gamer/YT- nice history of the Dragon video, with personal anecdotes
01:49:52 - CoCoTalk! Quality content! Brought to you by GIME-X, CoComan Product placement, Nick Merentes games, and... Depends!

01:50:05 - Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
01:50:20 - Game On! News} Erico Patricio Monteiro- game progress featured on the cover of Brazilian retro magazine, "Jogos 80"
01:51:55 - Game On! News} Amigos "ARG Presents"/YT- "Type in Games" (typed in from books or magazines)
02:01:00 - Game On! News} Jim "Sir MC10" Gerrie- released a beta of "Galaxy Jailbreak", and a 15 minute "Medly" video of games
02:09:18 - Game On! News} Uncoda/YT- part 2 of his "Nice games for the Coco" video series
02:14:58 - Game On! News} Steven Smith- selling 48 Dragon 32 original programs in cassette form
02:17:17 - Game On! News} Nick Marentes- 3rd Chapter of his new developing game, called Zero Hour
02:35:25 - End of Line for (Game On!) News, with L. Curtis Boyle

02:35:40 - Reminder! Glenside Virtual Meet Up/ CCCC SPringFEST, April 28th 8p/7p Eastern/Central Time on the usual Glenside CoCo BlueJeans channel
02:36:33 - Project updates and acquisitions
02:37:05 - PUA} Ron Delvaux
02:43:00 - PUA} Rick Ulland
02:45:10 - PUA} Marc B
02:46:35 - Encore of Happy Birthday to David Kroeker and Marc Mark Overholser
02:46:53 - Closing Credits/Outtro
02:49:00 - David Ladd FINALLY gets here, YEAH! So the above was a 'dress rehersal'...
02:49:08 - Intro
02:49:24 - Just kidding! But David maybe excited to be here! 
02:50:42 - Final Thoughts/CoCoTalk Caboose!
02:51:45 - Happy belated birthday to Mark Overholser who is 29 or 55...
02:52:00 - Happy Birthday to David Kroeker, his wife says he is a half centry!
02:52:08 - Goodbye Everybody!

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