Episode 20 - Community Chat - Ron’s Garage - Forest of Doom teaser

CoCoTALK #20 08-05-2017


Episode 20 - Community Chat - Ron's Garage - Forest of Doom teaser


CoCoTALK turns 20 episodes old today and we're celebrating!  The topic is CoCo Community Chat, and all members of the CoCo Community are encouraged and invited to join us in the Skype call and become part of the discussion, to do so, you need to add ogStevieStrow as a Skype contact, and then call him directly.


A new segment has been created, Ron's Garage, where Ron Delvaux shows us some of his amazing retro computer collection, this will be a recurring feature.


We  were also treated to the world premier of the teaser clip for Forest of Doom by Bruce More!  Check out the blog at http://coco.gracenote.ca/


We also got to see and hear a sneak peek at the new 4-channel music and sound generator that Nick Marentes is developing to put into his new CoCo 3 game Gun Star!


On the Show

  • Mark Overholser
  • David Ladd
  • Ron Delvaux
  • Richard Lorbieski
  • Simon Jonassen
  • Richard Cavell
  • Wayne Campbell
  • Curtis Boyle
  • Nick Marentes
  • Ciaran Anscomb
  • Bruce Moore
  • Grant Leighty



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