Episode 19 - CoCo Hardware! Retro Innovations and CoCo on a Chip!

CoCoTALK #19 07-29-2017


Episode 19 - CoCo Hardware!  Retro Innovations and CoCo on a Chip!


CoCo TALK is the nation's leading live talk show about the Tandy Color Computer, never mind that it's the only one.  In Episode 19 we'll dive into CoCo Hardware.


We'll hear and see from Jim Brain from Retro Innovations on what it takes to develop and produce hardware projects for the Color Computer, and we'll discuss "hardware emulation" platforms such as the CoCo FPGA and Roger Taylor's "CoCo on a Chip" and see a live demonstration on what these new CoCo hardware platforms look like, with a presentation by Bill Nobel.


Jim Brain's Retro Innovations:  http://go4retro.com

CoCo on a Chip Nano links:  








On the Call:

  • Jim Brain
  • Bill Nobel
  • Mark Overholser
  • David Ladd
  • Nick Marentes
  • Richard Lorbieski
  • John Mark Mobley



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