Episode 174 - New online multiplayer game from Bret Gordon!

This was a game heavy show this week with the GameON! Results and discussions around playing Sea Dragon this past week, and hearing about a new multi-player game being designed by Bret Gordon, which looks amazing and will be quite fun to have an online multi player CoCo game to enjoy with friends.

  • 00:02:43 Panel Introductions
  • 00:09:59 CoCo Thoughts
  • 00:11:41 GameON! challenge results
  • 00:13:32 GameON! Discussion
  • 00:33:44 Next week's game announcment - Arkanoid
  • 00:35:46 Discussion with Brett Gordon - Multi player game
  • 00:56:06 GameON! news
  • 01:11:36 News from around the world
  • 01:54:57 Project updates and acquisitions
  • 02:47:09 CoCo Caboose - after show & wrap-up discussion - Staying with a project

News stories for Episode #174, August 22, 2020 show:


1) Jim Gerrie has a couple of videos showing some Reverse video routines


ML routine by Anders Carlsson to invert video a CLS command


Port of General Accounting Program originally done by Larry Allen



2) Canadian Retro Things has an unboxing video up for his newly acquired Coco 3



3) Cyberhug Technologies is working on fixing his Coco 1



4) James Diffendaffer put up a speed comparison video between the original MC-10 BASIC ROMs and the current version of his optimized one:



5) Ed Snider just posted a video of his 8MB prototype board for the GIME-X:



Game On news:


1) Chet Simpson convert some graphics from the Capcom CPS-1 platform version of Ghouls and Ghosts.


2) Richard Kelly has uploaded a new version of the graphics game "Artillery!"


3) Jason Reighard Ghost Gobbler game from Spectral Associates


4) Erico Patricio Monteiro showed some possible SG-4 enhancements that could be done to Jim Gerrie's Pittman game:


5) Jim Gerrie put up an MC-10 video of an original game he did called Halifax Tail Gunner:


6) LRU's outrageous gaming project has a playthrough to level 10 of Pegasus and the Phantom Riders


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