Episode 169 - The Return of FloppyTALK!

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Is your weasel greased and are you excited to talk about floppies? We know David Ladd is!  Today Simon Jonassen will share with us some cool coding tricks he's using to fast load data from floppy disks, and we'll hopefully hear from David Ladd and possibly even Paul Fiscarelli, so if you're as excited about floppies as we are, you're going to love today's show!


General segments with time stamps you can quick link to:

00:02:51 CoCo Closet

00:05:09 Panel Introductions

00:12:23 Simon Jonassen - coding tricks he's using to fast load data from floppy

00:58:42 More floppy talk

02:04:45 CoCo Thoughts

02:08:30 GameON! challenge results

02:20:58 Next week's game announcment - COLORPEDE

02:30:44 GameON! news

02:55:33 Project updates and acquisitions

03:46:58 CoCo Caboose - after show & wrap-up discussion


Game On news:


1) Erico Patricio Monteiro has video of his upcoming Color Fight game in progress



2) Paul Shoemaker has a very good full deck set of card graphics (with full face cards in 16 colors)



3) Henry Reitveld put up a video of him play Nick Marentes new release, Rally-SG - but in his full blow arcade cabinet:



4) Chet Simpson played live (on Facebook) first 10 levels of his upcoming Coco 3 masterpiece, Digger III.

Thursday's video shows the Easy skill level:


Friday's shows the Hard skill level (and it *does* look hard!):



5) Canadian Retro Things put up an unboxing video for his just received Bomb Threat cartridge (by Rick Adams)



6) Aaron from The Amigos has put up his CoinOPS Coco Beta 2 package,



7) The Amigos are doing their 4th annual Amiga themed fundraiser for The Children's Network this weekend


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