Episode 167 - Tom C’s Birfday!

Today we celebrate the greatest thing in American History, the birf of Tom C from Jersey!

We may also pay homage to our treasonous Brexit of 1776, but that is not as important.

This.... is..... CoCoTALK!


General segments with time stamps you can quick link to:

00:02:50 "Happy Birthday Song" to Tom C

00:04:01 Panel Introductions

00:08:14 CoCo Discord #coco-art-gallery

00:10:51 CoCo Thoughts

00:13:43 GameON! challenge results

00:43:45 Next week's game announcement

00:54:48 Upcoming game of the week announcement - Bomb Threat

00:53:21 Nick Marotta magazine cover

00:55:10 Panel Discussion - De-soldering

01:18:45 News from around the retro world

01:47:37 GameON! news

02:10:09 Panel discussion "What did you use regularly"

02:47:16 CoCo Thoughts

02:54:18 Project updates and acquisitions

03:44:50 How Tom C impacted your life

03:50:41 CoCo Caboose - after show & wrap-up discussion


News stories for Episode #167, July 4, 2020 show:


1) Tim Halloran has an updated video on using DC power to power his Coco 2.



2) Playing on an emulator or actual Coco - which to choose, and why?:



3) Bill Garretson has a video of a Fireworks program he wrote for the Coco 1/2:



4) Joey Cabral has some photos up of his upgrading a Coco 3 to a 6309 using his newly acquired Hakko de-soldering vacuum



5) Interesting discussion started by Jim McClellan - asking what is an "acceptable" word processor for the Coco 3



6) Christopher Mayeux posted a newspaper article from September 13, 1990 talking about some Color Computer User Groups in his area



7) Coco Crew episode 61 is out. Includes an interview with Simon Jonassen and Paul Fiscarelli about a new background sampled sound routine they are working on that is both compressed (4 bit ADPCM) and fast (no more than 63 CPU cycles per sample). An interesting discussion topic was "What Coco software did you use the most?".



8) Nir Dary in the Dragon Facebook group shows a Hebrew font he has been working on, that uses John Whitworth's board that allows custom fonts:



9) Interesting Ebay find in Europe in the Dragon Facebook group - a Dragon 32 with *native* RGB support:



10) Robert Gault has apparently uploaded a large world map program for OS9 up to the Color Computer archive, but it's not up yet as of this time.


11) Simon Jonassen has posted a brief video showing his new demo program, and using the ADPCM sound routine that he talked about on the latest Coco Crew episode:




Game On news:


1) Jim Gerrie has a video showing his MC-10 port of the game "Touch Down", based on the computer book "Space Games"



2) Neil Blanchard's new run of Rick Adam's "Bomb Threat" game cartridge is shipping



3) Lee Perkins put up some screenshots of his initial conversion of an MS-DOS game screen to a Coco 3



4) Pere Serrat shared a video showing his more advanced version of the AGD engine, now using the Wordpak2+ for additional sound effects and music:



5) Robert Allen Murphy has put up his latest blog post on converting the PC6001 game Nostromo to the Coco line:





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