Episode 160 brought to you by NitrOS9 EOU Beta 5

This week's CoCoTALK! is being multi tasked via NitrOS9 Ease of Use beta 5 with special guest host and streamer Rob Inman.

00:02:39 Show Starts
00:04:17 GameON! results
00:05:49 Game discussion, tips, trick
00:16:03 Next week's game revealed
00:21:18 Panel Introductions
00:33:52 GameON! news
00:56:46 Simon Jonnasen shows us how he produces CoCo sound samples
01:03:14 GameON! news continues
01:13:32 NEWS!
01:48:21 Barrier to Entry - the CoCoTALK! Quiz!
02:10:22 Ron's Garage
02:21:44 Project Updates/Acqusitions
02:35:00 NitrOS9 Ease of Use quick demo
02:48:14 Outro/Closing credits

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