Episode 156 - The 29th Annual “Virtual” CoCoFEST!

The real CoCoFEST! may be postponed, but we'll keep the Tandy flame alive and well!

1 D. Bruce Moore National Anthems
2 Darren "Daz" Ottery Blue Monday Cover (TRS-80 cocomix)
3 Nathan Byrd Daggorath Online
4 Norm Lamourex via Facebook CoCo Rainbow Fest 1989 video
5 Steve Strowbridge Ka*BOMB! world premiere
6 Brendan Donahe CoCoVGA Q&A
7 Ken Reighard Nightmare Highway - the music video / CoCoThoughts
8 Rick Adams Temple of ROM II level design and code demo
9 Ben "Explore VR" Drakes Project "A" Teaser #2
10 Nick Marentes "What I've done with the CoCo this past year"
11 Henry Reitveld Arcade 1Up cabinet runing VCC
12 Jason Reighard "a few things"
13 Ron Delvaux CoCo Max 2 & 3 Demo
14 David Ladd/MarkO PS2 Mouse adapter update/annoucement
15 Erico SG4 Outhouse complete and ready for download
16 Eddy Szczerbinski Dragon Lightpen demo
17 D. Bruce Moore CoCoFEST! 20th Anniversary Book video and discussion
Bonus Joey & CoCo video
18 Paul Fiscarelli CoCo Keybard/Joystick to USB adapters
19 Michael Furman DwTerm v0.2 and pyDriveWire v0.5c
20 David O'Connor CoCo 3 repack into Model 4 case
21 L. Curtis Boyle/Rob Inman Demo of NitrOS9 EOU Beta 5 test 2
22 Scott Wendt USB joystick to CoCo adapter
23 Jim Brain Inside Retro Innovations laboratories, projects, probes & scopes

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