Episode 134 - Holiday Preview

The theme this week was CoCo holiday memories along with news, and update on the CoCO port of Oregon Trail, and so much more!

Some news stories for November 16, 2019 show:

1) Petsasjim1 Dragon game play video updates:
Hungry Horace (a twist on PacMan with multi-screen, connected mazes). https://youtu.be/iK7WQHuv5Q4
The Immortal Strain (a text adventure game, but with text on a PMODE 4 screen for lowercase, 32x24 and bolder, easier to read text):
Horace Goes Skiing (Frogger and Skiing mixed into one game):
(Goto 1:28 to show successfully getting to the Skiing stage, after showing the title screen/music)
Hornets (arcade game):
Hareraiser: A BASIC mix of word puzzles with graphics that was divided into two parts (Prelude & Finale, on separate tapes). Once you solved both, you submitted registration cards for both programs to Haresoft, and could win up to 30,000 pounds cash, or a Golden Jeweled Hare. This was for both the Amstrad CPC and the Dragon, so I imagine that the one prize applied to both platforms combined:
Prelude video:
Finale video:
Prelude cassette artwork and rules:
Hide and Seek (a memory game):
3D OXO (3D Tic Tac Toe), I think written in BASIC?:
Indoor Football (Soccer) - very well done:
Interplanetary Trader (well laid out text space trading game):
Jet Boot Colin:

2) Henry Reitveld has a video up showing the Spectral Associates game "Module Man" running on the Coco, a Dragon (both with Speech / Sound Pac, and the Coleco Adam (with background music). Has anybody heard of Module Man on the Adam before?

3) Rob Inman put up a video of him playing the new Xenion/6309 version, showing him getting to the 2nd & 3rd planets (no sound, unfortunately):

4) Lee Perkins has been trying to basically make his own routine to give 80x25x16 color text mode working on the Coco 3, with an extended IBM character set, for a game he wants to port. Discussing with Sock Master (John Kowalski), and the techniques that John used in Twilight Terminal, Lee got something similar working using the same techniques (3 screens flipped through, and alternate dithering between each screen), and the results look pretty good (skip down in the comments for the fully working video). There is some "shimmer", but it looks pretty good:

5) Jim Gerrie is working on 3D maze routines for the MC-10 to help him port Maze of Argon from the VZ-200. His current work in progress:

6) Henry Reitveld has posted 2 videos of Intellivision ported games to the Coco - are these real, and has anyone seen these before?:
Night Stalker:

7) Rick Adams posted a video showing some upgrades come to Temple of ROM:

8) Our own Stevie Strow has a project update for today:
And he also play tested the Coco 1/2 compatible 6309 enhanced games that I released over the last couple of weeks:

9) Paul Fiscarelli has released the source code to the Coco 3 game that him and Simon Jonassen released about a month ago (Run Dino Run):

10) The latest CocoShow from amigosretrogaming is up on Twitch (part of 3 hour stream of 3 of their shows in a row)... the Coco section (feature Time Bandit and Thexder) starts at 2:58:12. It will later be put on YouTube as it's own show.

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