Episode 131 - With Floyd Resler, Chet Simpson and Inside CoCoTALK!

CoCoTALK! audio episode 131 - With Floyd Resler, Chet Simpson and Inside CoCoTALK!

Some news stories for October 26, 2019 show:

1) Jim Gerrie release "Stronghold of the Dwarven Lords" for the MC-10.


2) Brian Palmer has been experimenting with custom Coco 3 palettes for the Dragon game (that works on the Coco) called Back Track:


3) Paul Shoemaker has gotten a fair bit further on his port of the Apple II version of Oregon Trail to the Coco:


4) Related to this: Vintage is the New World has an article on (and mini interview with) Paul Shoemaker about his port of Oregon Trail:


5) Diego Barizo has released version 4.0 of his X-Filer virtual disk utility for the Coco 3:


6) petsasjim1 on YouTube has been adding more Dragon 32/64 game videos, of course - a neat one is a text adventure game that not only has an interesting user interface, but allows up to 4 players.

Death Cruise 4 player:


The Dark Pit (which actually works with the Tandy Electronic Book, too!):


Cyclops (Semigraphics Pacman type game):


Cuthbert in the Cooler:


Dragon Golf:


Dragon Trek (a graphical Star Trek game):


And another Dragon Trek (completely different), also graphical game


7) Amigos Retro Gaming did a play of Poltergeist on real hardware:


8) Dave Philipsen has a video showing some of the progress he has made on his CocoDEV board - which features an FPGA 6809 core running at 25 MHz and with BASIC.


9) Stevie himself did a couple of special Coco YouTube videos this past Tuesday. One was a demo of some BASIC games using the extended features of the CocoVGA, which included Brendan Donahe & his daughter Morgan (Brendan is the man behind the CocoVGA, and his daughter wrote the games and designed the custom characters):


His second video had Sheldon MacDonald as his guest, and he was showing prototypes of Sheldon's new Coco controllers, demonstrating multiple games with it:


10) Bill Pierce uploaded a video (from VCC) of his horizontal scrolling demo again, this time written in assembly. One thing that happened during people testing it on real hardware, is that it was causing screen glitches on real 2 MB RAM systems (both Triad+ and Boomerang E2). It appears to be a timing problem if running the computer at .895 MHz. On both boards, it runs fine if running at 1.78 Mhz) (a huge discussion trying to track down what what happening is in the comments).


And, more discussion on the 2MB / video above 512k issue:


11) Steve Bamford has a new video displaying a Halloween themed level in his upcoming GMC cartridge game, 'kiruke-no-shima-circe'

12) CanadianRetroThings has put up a video about his MC-10 (including his 16K RAM pack & cassette), with general info, etc. A bonus - he has a modified MC-10 which has 8K on the main board, but still only goes to 20K with the 16K pack added in. This is also labelled as "Part 1", so he is planning on more MC-10 content in the future. (He also plays Minefield, written by our own Ken Reighard). Unfortunately, I think the 8K RAM upgrade is causing problems with the 16K upgrade pack (as seen on PacMan)


13) Simon Jonassen has graphic/game demo that he has been working on for the Coco 3:


14) Ben Drakes has made a video playing Ken Kalish's Escape game (which was the first use of the engine he used for Phantom Slayer) using his VR rig:



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