Episode 126 - VCFMW wrap-up & Glenside Picnic

We’re doing our wrap-up show discussing all the fun we had last weekend at VCFMW, hear from those that were there, and rejoice in the awesomeness of the event.   We'll also have live coverage from the Glenside Color Computer Club's (hosts of the Chicago CoCoFEST!) Pick Nick, so more Chicago area retro goodness!  Join us live today, if you were at the event, we'd love to have you join us on the panel to share your experiences.


Special Guest Matt from Drakware https://drakware.com/


News links:

1) Jim Gerrie shows off Alpha Force, a Targ like game for the MC-10:





2) Retro Core did a Thexder port comparison



3) John Day (ShareSquid on YouTube) is doing high score challenge videos of Coco games:




4) FitFo on YouTube is doing a "Sleeper build" based on a Coco 1 case



5) Amigo Aaron on YouTube does a play through of Kron on the Coco:



6) Simonwgb does a 2 hour play of Jet Set Willy on a Dragon emulator (not sure which one).



7) Todd Wallace aka LordDragon demo's the current version of his OS9/RSDOS disk utility program



8) For those going to Tandy Assembly, this is a slight change of venue for the show itself



9) Nick Marentes has chapter 21 of his Gunstar blog up - which includes some screenshots from levels 3 and 4 from his upcoming game.



10) Some nice pictures of the Coco related displays from the Living Computer Museum in Seattle



11) Sheldon MacDonald received a Mini MPI this past week, and has it set up to use his SDC and GMC cartridges. He has some photos on Facebook:


He also has 2 videos on YouTube:




12) Mike Hawkey purchases a Coco 3 awhile ago, and upon opening it up recently, found some hardware mods directly connected to one of the PIA's:



13) D. Bruce Moore has submitted a possible graphic design for the upcoming CocoFest 2020, which is the 40th anniversary of the Coco 1 being released in 1980:



14) Erik Gavriluk has apparently tackled speeding up the 3D wireframe displaying program from Hot Coco



15) Sheldon MacDonald has also been making custom game pad joysticks for his Coco as well:



16) Diego Barizo has an update on his "Docked Master" game that we previewed on one of our programming live streams, including new bonus screens:



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