Episode 120 - CoCo Plays Moog!

David O'Connor, Australian's own lord of the analog modular synths is going to give us some live demonstrations of using the Tandy Color Computer to output and control analog synths including Moogs. He'll also be showing the ACO160 evaluation kit that can turn any single voice sound into midi and pitch data to run synths, it's very cool. We'll also hear a wrap-up from last week's Vintage Computing Festival West, where our very own Mark Overholser, Mikey Furman, Rob Inman and Tim Linder attended and put on a great CoCo showing. We'll also review what's going in with the MC-10 and Dragon this past week and more on this week's CoCoTALK!

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ews stories for August 10, 2019 show:
1) Jim Gerrie has released a new version of "Brickout" for the MC-10 that runs faster than the original that Tandy released.

He also has a video for generating a random maze (I believe? Not sure) that is literally one line of BASIC code.

2) Amigos Retro Gaming posted a Youtube video with 2 Dragon games featured.

3) Noriko Miyagami has posted her complete play through of the Coco version of the Scott Adams Grand Adventure #6: Strange Odyssey.

4) Nathanial Lockhart posted a demo video (and there is a discussion on Facebook as well) of loading programs from a reel to reel tape player on a real Coco 2.


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