Episode 166 - Rally SG premiere

This week we'll look at the world premiere of the latest game from Nick Marentes, Rally SG, inspired by Rally-X from the arcade, it uses the 9-color semi-graphics mode, and will run on a CoCo 1,2,3 and Dragon with 64K.  http://nickmarentes.com/


This along with CoCo and retro news, GameOn! results, the new game of the week, projects, updates, acquisitions, and all kinds of CoCo goodness!


Time Stamps:

  • 00:02:23               Panel Introductions
  • 00:10:02               CoCo and Retro News
  • 00:25:11               CoCo Thoughts
  • 00:25:36               GameON! Results, discussion, and new game reveal
  • 00:45:41               Gaming news
  • 00:54:56               Rally SG premier with Nick Marentes
  • 01:15:17               Project acquisitions, updates
  • 02:04:42               additional updates and discussions
  • 02:22:19               Closing credits
  • 02:24:44               Final words

News stories for Episode #166, June 27, 2020 show:


1) CanadianRetroThings has a new video out showing him hooking up his giant Panasonic TV/Radio/Cassette deck to his MC-10 this time:



2) Davy Mitchell posted a link to his blog, "Davy's Retro Corner", in the Dragon Facebook group. This entry talks about a 3D terrain generating program



3) The Trash Talk (TRS-80) podcast has game programming contest, that includes the Coco.



4) Tim Halloran has a video demonstrating him powering his Coco 2 - from USB:



5) Keith (ChibiAkumas on YouTube) has his 2nd 6809 assembly language tutorial up - this episode covers the 6809 addressing modes:



6) Ed Snider has some photos of his 32K RAM MC-10 board in the making



Game On news:


1) Paul Shoemaker is working on a Coco 3 only Dungeon Crawler, and shows a sample screen using a tileset he purchased:



2) Neil Blanchard has ROM cartridge versions of Rick Adam's "Bomb Threat" game available again, for $30.




3) Neil also has the new cartridge game by Evan Wright called 3D Monster Maze, which is a Coco 1/2 version of the game



Evan also upload a video of the final version in action:



4) Cuthbert Dragon has a few new Dragon gameplay videos of note this week:


- Monsters


5) Ciaran has released an updated Coco version of the Dragon game ROTABB's - it now includes the original loaded an opening story:



6) Nick Marentes has a video out to promote his Rally-SG game for all Coco's and the Dragon's (with at least 64K), which is getting released in August:



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