Video Episode 92 - Special guest Marty Goodman!

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Our first episode of CoCoTALK! that we scheduled at 9PM, in our AFterDARK! time slot went off without a hitch, and had a some record numbers for both the size of the panel and the live audience. If that wasn't enough, we were treated to a very special guest visit, Marty Goodman!

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CoCopedia Article, Marty Goodman

Coordinated CoCo Conference

00:00:00 Opening
00:02:00 Around the Room.
00:11:14 New Panel Member, Dan Loyle.
00:19:42 Projects and Acquisitions.
01:03:05 Sponsors.
01:04:44 Break.
01:06:38 More, Projects and Acquisitions.
01:12:03 New Panel Member, Paul Shoemaker.
01:26:35 Martin ( Marty ) Goodman, Guest of the Week.
03:36:08 Marty Goodman, Wrap-Up.
03:39:45 Our Viewers and Around the Room 2.
03:47:20 Closing.
03:47:34 Coordinated CoCo Conference.

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