Video Episode 90 - Happy 2019!

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It's a brand new year, and I predict that 2019 will be the year of CoCo awesomeness with lots of new hardware, software, and games supporting awesome music cards and sound chips, so let's gab and blab about our beloved CoCo!

Links to the news items discussed:
Chet Simpson GMC on VCC:

Ken Reighard's super Nut Race (or something):

Diego Barizo X-Com inspired game:

Paul Shoemaker - CoCo 3 from Shop Goodwill

Chris Cromwell - Floppy Drive Follies

Richard Kelley Q-Man Question

Ron Delvaux CoCoFEST logo ideas:

David Oconnor are there ways to get/put semigraphics?

Christopher Cromwell - CoCo 3 highly priced on eBay

Stephen Fischer - C compiler uploaded to the CoCo Archive

The latest Glenside Color Computer Club Newsletter:

More AGD games ported:

Preserving a Floppy disk with a logic analyzer:

The CoCo Crew Podcast Video Playlist:

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