Video episode 220 - Markus Blumrich

CoCoTALK! episode 220 - Markus Blumrich

Today we'll speak with Markus Blumrich who hosted one of the original Color Computer "super sites" on the internet and hear some fun and fascinating stories from the CoCo glory days.

We'll also introduce a new segment from Game Designer Rick Adams: Raiders of the Lost CoCo where he'll go over some code samples from professional video games.

If we're lucky we'll also have some assembly from George J and who knows what else?
{Well, here is a list of what we have! -sloopy}
00:00:00 -Start
00:02:50 -Start of the show!
00:02:55 -Viewer Introductions
00:03:30 -Panel Introductions
00:06:55 -CoCo Thoughts, by Samuel Gimes
00:07:46 -Everyone loves Samuel Gimes!
00:08:40 -Game On! Results, With Nick Marotta!
00:10:25 -Game On! discussion
00:23:28 -Game On! Game for next week, With Nick Marotta!
00:26:20 -Special Guest, Markus Blumrich
01:56:10 -Commercial Break
01:58:06 -Return to the Show!
01:58:30 -Raiders of the Lost CoCo w/ Rick Adams
02:14:14 -Asssembly with George J!
03:00:30 -Return to the Show!
03:01:20 -Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
03:01:48 -Game On! News} tanam 1972/YT- video about Gakken TV Boy (200X)
03:03:48 -Game On! News} Nick Marentes- part 8 of his Zero Hour blog
03:08:54 -Game On! News} The Amigos/YT- preview/no commentary video of Pitstop II
03:10:58 -Game On! News} Cuthbert Dragon/YT- more gameplay videos Ft. Decathlon , Dragon 32 Invaders, Desperado Dan, Taskship, Sporting Decathlon), Fantasy Fight, Albert and the Monsters, Kriegspiel, Crazy Foota 3
03:29:42 -Game On! News} Jim Gerrie/YT- another MC-10 game port - Blastar, originally written by 12 year old Elon Musk (yes, *that* Elon Musk!)
03:33:10 -Game On! News} MrDave6309- video showing what he has learned so far using hardware vertical scrolling on the Coco 3
03:43:30 -End of Line for... Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
03:44:00 -News, with L. Curtis Boyle
**CoCo/General News**
03:44:15 -CoCo News} Richard Kelly- PDF explains how his maze generating program works
03:48:25 -CoCo News} Pedro Pena/YT- has been experimenting with the RGBtoHDMI adaptors
03:53:20 -CoCo News} Michael Golden- Image of his heavily modified Coco 1 from back in the 1980's
04:05:45 -CoCo News} Nik Bresievac- Several hardware projects (keypad,CoCo1 SVideo,Joystick-KB mod)
04:08:32 -CoCo News} John Whitworth- Looking for suggestions for making an updated name for his MSX2+ board
04:10:10 -CoCo News} Jacob@Newsmaker Tech/YT- video of his favourite top 5 Tandy computers
04:16:15 -CoCo News} Sheldon MacDonald- update to his RS Dostool
04:17:42 -CoCo News} Deek- Requesting public review of his released DCC documentation
**MC-10 News**
None :(
**Dragon News**
None :(
04:20:10 -End of Line for... News, with L. Curtis Boyle
04:20:20 -Info for the upcoming ALL DRAGON SPECIAL!!!
04:30:40 -What has Brian Wiesler bought this week?!?
04:43:25 -End of Line for Brian Wiesler's 'Treasure Chest'
04:48:00 -Final Thoughts and Goodbye!
04:51:00 -Goodbye to our viewers!
04:52:20 -Goodbye everybody!
04:52:32 -The end of Line.

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