Video episode 212 - NitrOS9 EOU Beta 6.1 release, demo & discussion

The most advanced operating system ever invented, as everyone knows is NitOS9, and the EASE OF USE edition keeps getting better, learn all about it in this episode.

00:00:00​ - Start
00:02:54​ - Start of the show!
00:04:02 - Start of Show... we finally got the audio DLC...
00:04:10​ - Panel Introductions
00:05:25​ - Viewer Introductions
00:06:42 - Who's new to the CoCoDiscord
00:08:08 - Who's new to the CoCoTalk world map!
00:08:58​ - PUA} Stevie aka "The OG" aka El Jeffe aka The Man with the Master Plan!
00:14:40 - CoCo Thoughts, by Samuel Gimes
00:15:10​ - Game On! Results, With Nick Marotta!
00:16:58​ - Game On! discussion
00:28:28​ - Game On! Game for next week, With Nick Marotta!
00:30:25​ - Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
00:30:48​ - Game On! News} Amigos Retro Gaming/YT- subject of "Manager games - Non Sports"
00:42:10​ - Game On! News} Jamie Cho/FB- released an update of his Coco 3 space shooter game, Space Bandits
00:47:20​ - Game On! News} Jim Gerrie/YT- ported a game originally from the Commodore PET called Maxit
00:49:52​ - Game On! News} Cuthbert Dragon/YT- New games/Videos, Home Base, River of Fire, Dungeon Destiny
01:00:05​ - Game On! News} Rob's Retro Rambles/YT- official Frogger for the Dragon 32
01:04:25​ - Game On! News} Robos/YT- video of Dragon games starting with "S"... and W, Z, and R...
01:18:06​ - End of Line for... Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
01:18:40 - Commercial Break!
**CoCo/General News**
01:22:02​ - CoCo News} Amigos podcast- 300th episode released
01:26:12​ - CoCo News} John Laury- tutorial video on programming a Coco 3 to go into the 80 column mode
01:50:52​ - CoCo News} Sheldon MacDonald- video on his Flash ROM boot loader for the PSG cartridge
01:55:52​ - CoCo News} Retro Computing Roundtable/YT- episode 234 CoCoMax hardware interface
01:57:40​ - CoCo News} Tim Lindner- blog post fixing an issue in MAME
02:03:10​ - CoCo News} chibiakumas (Keith)/YT- released next Dragon 32 assembly language episode
02:08:00​ - CoCo News} Ken@Canadian Retro Things/YT- video of Mr Dave 6309's prototype cartridge boards
02:17:32​ - CoCo News} Jerry Stratton- blog (and code) for a BASIC program to explore the BASIC ROM's, and how tokenization works
02:18:35​ - CoCo News} Barry Nelson/FB- utility to reverse the red/blue artifact colors on a Coco 3
02:21:04​ - CoCo News} Richard Kelly/FB- utility for Coco 1/2's with 64K, tests to see if the Coco is already in 64K RAM mode and copies ROM to RAM
02:22:20​ - CoCo News} Raymond Jett/FB- picked up 26-3022 floppy controllers, and selling them $8.00 each
02:24:00​ - CoCo News} Digital Soup Podcast- digging his Coco 3 out, and running with some modern equipment
02:26:25​ - CoCo News} Frank of Retro Rewind- thinking of getting into the Coco market, possibly with a very fast 6809 replacement
02:27:15 - The dumpster fire went out of control... aka, Panel talking about various things...
**MC-10 News**
02:53:38​ - MC-10 News} Robert Sieg- Video/Images to show a 32x32x9 color screen
**Dragon News**
02:54:25​ - Dragon News} Stewart Orchard- memory testing utility for the Dragon
02:56:40​ - CoCo News} Bill Nobel and L. Curtis Boyle (along with contributors like Frank Provenchko, Todd Wallace, Jeff Teunissen, Walter Zambotti, etc.) are proud to release NitrOS-9/EOU Beta 6.1
(this is over an hour of either...  NitrOS-9 goodness, or a nice afternoon nap time!)
03:58:28​ - End of Line for... News, with L. Curtis Boyle
03:58:00 - Jason The CoComan, is put on the spot!
03:59:38​ - Closing Credits/Outtro
04:02:30​ - Final Thoughts/CoCoTalk Caboose!
04:04:00 - NitrOS-9 is the most advanced operating system ever invented!
04:05:15 - Stevie basically needs a new computer with a 6809!
04:06:41​ - Goodbye Everybody!
04:06:44​ - The end of Line.
(note: there was a dumpster fire in there, but I did not timestamp it cause there was not enough room in this description section to list and timestamp it cause it was so large.)

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