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00:00:00 - Start
00:00:10 - Intro
00:03:03 - Start of the show!
00:03:10 - Panel Introductions (We sent MarcB to college to learn his left/right!j)
00:06:05 - Reminder! Glenside Virtual Meet Up/ CCCC SpringFEST, TONIGHT!!! 8p/7p Eastern/Central Time on the usual Glenside CoCo BlueJeans channel
00:06:40 - CoCo Thoughts, by Samuel Gimes
00:07:00 - Game On! Results, With Nick Marotta!
00:08:00 - Game On! Results, With Nick Marotta! Now with SOUND!
00:09:50 - Game On! discussion
00:26:30 - Game On! Game for next week, With Nick Marotta!
00:36:25 - Hmmm, a comershal, been so long I didnt realize what it was!
00:39:42 - CoCotalk! Special on the CoCoPi with Ron Klein
01:11:50 - Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
01:12:12 - Game On! News} Robert Allen Murphy- posted his blog on Nostromo, mainly covering sound  for the MegaMini MPI by Ed Snider
01:20:54 - Game On! News} Paul Shoemaker/FB- video showing his early efforts on his upcoming CocoVGA version of Poker Squares
01:23:38 - Game On! News} Eric Monteiro/YT- live dev video on test game play for his SG4 fighting game
01:26:00 - Game On! News} Cuthbert Dragon/YT- Posted Dragon game videos again, Guardian Angel, Mission Attack, Laser Run
01:33:55 - Game On! News} Jim Gerrie/YT- updated version of his MC-10 Mahjong game, and a question about the user interface
01:35:32 - Game On! News} Brendan Donahe- Recieved his cartridge of Treasure Island Defence and gives his thoughts and opinions on it
01:39:52 - Game On! News} Tim Lindner/YT- playing the official Arkanoid on Coco1/2&3
01:43:06 - Game On! News} Watercooler Films/YT- raw footage of Poltergeist gameplay
01:45:45 - End of Line for... Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
01:46:10 - Commercial Break!
01:49:38 - News, with L. Curtis Boyle
**CoCo/General News**
01:50:02 - CoCo News} ThisWeekInRetro/YT- Call for CoCo3 Support on MiSTer
01:50:57 - CoCo News} Henry Rietveld/YT- video showing his Coco 3 surfing the web through Action Retro's "Frog Find" portal
01:54:14 - CoCo News} Simon Jonassen/FB- posted his next version of VDG hardware scrolling tricks
01:54:54 - CoCo News} John Laury- posted a Coco 3 only response video to Simon's VDG scrolling trick
01:56:56 - CoCo News} Ciaran Anscomb- has made some prototype 512k upgrade boards, available in Europe
01:59:22 - CoCo News} Carlos Camacho/FB- ad from a 1981 6809 magazine for a SS-50 bus adaptor for the CoCo
02:05:17 - CoCo News} Riz Thomas/FB- composite upgrade to his Coco 2, based on AC's 8 Bit Zone (Alan) video 
02:06:34 - CoCo News} Catherine Trudel/FB- unboxing a DMP-105 dot matrix printer, and later generation MultiPak
02:10:54 - CoCo News} 8 Bits in the Basement/YT- video of what he is doing with Mark J. Blair's cartridge PCB, including internal mounting
02:12:48 - CoCo News} Rocky Hill/YT- followup videos showing the serial and cassette ports on his new motherboard
*** He is scheduled to be on the show next week (5/2/2021) with more details and discussion ***
02:16:24 - CoCo News} Glenside Virtual Meet Up/ CCCC SPringFEST
**MC-10 News**
02:17:55 - MC-10 News} Darren Atkinson- update to the MCX-32 BASIC (now to version 3.1)
02:19:50 - MC-10 News} Jim McClellan/FB- version of his Itty Bitty Banner Maker for an MC-10 with a TP-10
02:38:02 - MC-10 News} Sloopy- He got an (obscenely large) MC-10!
**Dragon News**
02:21:22 - Dragon News} Felipe (Coco Demus)- released a special NitrOS-9 Level 1 for the Dragon Plus board
02:23:45 - Dragon News} Ciaran Anscomb- released an update to XRoar
02:25:18 - Dragon News} Philippe Hennebert/FB- posted some pictures of his old Dragon/Coco stuff 
02:30:30 - Dragon News} David F. Gisbert/FB- posted a picture of his dog - who is obviously a huge Dragon fan... (My dog, Pokey, approves of this dog/picture. -Sloopy)
02:31:23 - End of Line for... News, with L. Curtis Boyle
02:31:55 - Project updates and acquisitions
02:32:05 - PUA} Rick Ulland
02:36:40 - PUA} MarkO(verholser)
02:37:40 - PUA} Sloopy
02:42:20 - PUA} Ron Delvaux's Garage
02:47:50 - PUA} Tim Lindner, cool t-shirt from VintageBeef
02:48:20 - John Laury and the panel, talk of Apple/ARM processor (inspired by the 6502 which is partially/indirectly influenced by the Motorola 68xx series)
02:53:48 - Ron giving an update on Paul Barton... Get well soon, Paul!
02:54:24 - Closing Credits/Outtro
02:56:30 - Hello Simon!
02:56:56 - Final Thoughts/CoCoTalk Caboose!
02:57:52 - Goodbye Everybody!

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