Video episode 203 - Superior Programming

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This week we get to meet a new member of the CoCo community, Henry, we cover GameON! results from Zazzon, hear news, and then talk about development environments, including a sneak peek at Eric Canales' 6dev09 tool.

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:08 - Intro
00:02:45 - Start of the show!
00:02:50 - Live audience/Chat shout-outs
00:03:08 - Best part of the show!
00:02:00 - Start of the show 203b!
00:03:40 - Panel Introductions
00:06:00 - Spotlight on Henry NoNick 
00:14:15 - Panel Introductions, continues...
00:14:35 - More Live audience/Chat shout-outs
00:16:00 - CoCo Thoughts, by Samuel Gimes
00:20:15 - Game On! Results, With Nick Marotta!
00:22:32 - Game On! discussion
00:35:50 - Game On! Game for next week, With Nick Marotta!
00:39:30 - Commercial Break
00:42:54 - Game On! News, with L. Curtis Boyle
00:43:15 - Game On! News} Jim Gerrie- Third World War, 10 Liner game, update of The Caves of the Unwashed Heathen
00:46:38 - Game On! News} Erico Patricio Monteiro- updates on a fighting game he is working on
00:47:08 - Game On! News} LRU's Outrageous Gaming Project- Added more long play videos
00:48:00 - Game On! News} Cuthbert Dragon- Added videos for Screaming Abdabs (14 levels), Boris the Bold, The King, Demon Seed, Shaft
00:50:18 - Game On! News} Rob's Retro Rambles- "MacDougal's Last Stand" for the Dragon 32
00:55:28 - Game On! News} FRGCB Dude- Compares Hungry Horace and Horace Goes Skiing on 3 systems
01:05:55 - Game On! News} Melanie Swalwell- Releasing the book "Homebrew Gaming and the Beginnings of Vernacular Digitality"
01:16:00 - News, with L. Curtis Boyle

**Dragon News**
01:16:16 - Dragon News} Ivan Rodellas Garcia- Reposted a older video of unboxing a new Tano Dragon

**CoCo/General News**
01:21:42 - CoCo News} Fred Provoncha- update of iCal data into NitrOS-9 
01:22:30 - CoCo News} Ken of Canadian Retro Things- review and demo of the Switch-A-Roo cable
01:35:25 - CoCo News} Simon Jonassen- Demo of smooth scrolling/flipping text
01:36:35 - CoCo News} Todd Wallace- text mode library for the Coco 3 in BASIC
01:39:05 - CoCo News} Retroralhas- Brazilian CoCo clone Codimex CD-6809
01:47:25 - CoCo News} Fabian Rodriguez- More updating/fixing/cleaning up the CocoPedia Wikim and requests for others to contribute
01:48:00 - CoCo News} Lou Ottens- who was the inventor of the compact cassette tape, passed away
01:49:50 - CoCo News} Michael J. Knudsen- author of Ultimuse III, has passed away
01:56:50 - End of Line for News, with L. Curtis Boyle
01:59:45 - Commercial Break
02:03:15 - Return from Commercial Break
02:03:25 - Questions from Ron Delvaux
02:05:03 - Asparagus has been called!
02:05:08 - Project updates and acquisitions
02:05:20 - PUA} Brian Schubring
02:07:02 - PUA} Mikey
02:10:20 - PUA} Eric Canales
02:29:15 - PUA} HenryNoNick
02:40:40 - Panel discussion of various editors and IDE's...
02:51:30 - End of Line for CocoTalk!
02:51:43 - Closing Credits/Outtro
02:54:34 - Final Thoughts/CoCoTalk Caboose!
02:58:15 - The best part of the show is next!
02:58:24 - Goodbye Everybody!

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