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We're back with episode 176 of CoCoTALK! where we talk CoCo every week.  Unbiased non deprecating discussions about the people, projects, and community.


General segments with time stamps you can quick link to:

00:02:37 Panel Introductions

00:13:23 Who's new to Discord this week

00:14:39 New Fletcher commercial - courtesy of Alison DeNu

00:16:33 CoCo Thoughts

00:16:50 GameON! challenge results

00:19:29 GameON! Discussion - Canyon Climber

00:39:12 Next week's game announcement - Rally-SG

00:46:46 GameON! news

01:31:23 News from around the world

02:38:27 Project updates and acquisitions

02:53:41 Show discussion

03:25:27 CoCo Caboose - after show & wrap-up discussion


News stories for Episode #176, September 5, 2020 show:


1) Todd Wallace (Lord Dragon) has released a video showing his new OS9/NitrOS9 utility


2) Charlie (charlie2020 on Discord) has released version 1.3 of some OS9/NitrOS9 utilities that he wrote in BASIC09:


3) "Mr. Lurchs Things" "SepTandy 2020" promotion between multiple YouTube pages. His upgrades include the 6309, SDC and 512K:


4) Also part of SeptTandy 2020 is TheRetroChannel


5) A 3rd "SepTandy" video is from Dinty's Hideaway


6) A 4th "SepTandy" video is from "Adrian's Digital Basement"


7) A reminder of David O'Connors naming contest for his Coco 3 in a Model III case project


8) Fran Purcell has a cool photo from the air of the Computer Plus facility in Littleton, Massachusetts circa 1981


9) Fred Rique has been experimenting with some animations done with Semi-graphics 24 mode


10) Coco Crew episode 63 was released, including an interview with Curtis Kaylor (who wrote the printer emulator we covered last week)


11) The Amigos are doing an "International Computer Club" Zoom call next Saturday (September 12) at 5 PM EST


12) David O'Connor is also attending the Adelaide Retro Computing Group September Event next Friday


13) Glenside Color Computer Club is having a virtual picnic on September 19th - details to follow.


Game On news:


1) Jim Gerrie has released a "complete remake" of his MC-10 port of the Scott Adams 1978 text adventure game called Adventureland

He also put up a video of his port of "Sirius Adventure"


2) Our own Stevie Strowbridge officially release his BASIC shoot em up Cosmic Aliens


3) Amigos show "ARG Presents" Sunday morning show (featuring The Interbank Incident and Rad Warrior)


4) SimonWGB on YouTube put up another Dragon 32 game stream (includes Frogger, Screaming Ab-Dabs, Caverns of Chaos). These are long plays.


5) "Cloudy Eggs" on YouTube did a comparison of the educational game


6) DaveJustDave on YouTube released an interview with Ken Williams (who, with his wife Roberta created Sierra),


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