Video Episode 176 - Canadian Retro Things, Motorola XOR and more!

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This episode of CoCoTALK! features:

Ken from Canadian Retro Things

Footage from the Adalaide Retro Meetup in Australia

See a new pickup, the Motorla XOR develpment system

Hear about Chet Simpson's new Digger III game for the CoCo 3 release

Possible visits from Rick Adams and an update on his latest release OmniStar


General segments with time stamps you can quick link to:

00:02:46 Panel Introductions

00:08:17 Ken with Canadian Retro Things

00:36:31 GameON! challenge results

00:38:41 GameON! Discussion - Rally-SG

01:11:44 Next week's game announcment - Digger III

01:17:31 Rick Adams release of OmniStar

01:36:34 Ken Waters - Basic game he is creating

01:47:08 GameON! news

02:16:47 News from around the world

03:02:32 Project updates and acquisitions

03:30:21 CoCo Caboose - after show & wrap-up discussion


News stories for Episode #177, September 12, 2020 show:


1) Pere Serrat has released a demo set of 10 WAV files

Refresher on the MSX2+:


2) Robert Sieg has both a video demonstrating his new MC-10 Solo Full screen emulator


 Online emulator:


3) Noel's Retro Lab on YouTube put up a video about his latest batch of hardware & software


4) AC's 8-Bit Zone, as part of SepTandy 2020, shows off his giant Coco collection

  A cable to hook his Coco 3 up to his Magnavox 85CM15 monitor:


5) Murilo Queiroz posted a link to Usborne books


6) Fred Rique posted a video showing some experiments he has been doing with mixed text and graphics scanline characters using Semi-graphics


7) John Linville posted a link to the "Virtual VCF Midwest 15" schedule


8) Xeox Gomazoa put up a small BASIC program that he wanted some contributions from other people to speed it up by repogramming it in ML


9) Raymond Jett posted how he patched his Sound/Speech pack to have a switch


10) Tony Jewell shared an ad from back in the day in the Dragon Facebook group - a "Turbo Datacorder"


11) LGR Blerbs  put up a video this morning of him unboxing his "new stock" Tano Dragon:


Game On news:


1) The Amigos have released their ARG Presents Coco episode

 John Shawler's (BoatofCar) 1.5 hour Coco livestream


2) Jim Gerrie release an MC-10 conversion of LEM from Creative Computing


3) Simon Jonassen has put up a quick video of what looks to be a new game/game engine


4) Rick Adams has released his game Omnistar,

You can order it here:


5) Ken over at Canadian Retro Things put up a gameplay video


6) Ken also put up a video of a video game in BASIC that is he is picking up again after 35 years


7) GigerPunk (Rob's Retro Rambles) has a video up of Cuthbert and the Golden Chalice on the Dragon 32:


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