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CoCoTALK! 175 is all about MIDI and MIDI on the CoCo.  What is MIDI, how do I do MIDI on my Coco, what does it look like, what does it sound like, how hard is it?  All these questions and more will be answered.  We'll have live demonstrations and information from Rob Innman, Brian "The Music Man" Schubring, L. Curtis Boyle, and Darren Ottery, and Jim Brain, so tune and get MIDIfied!


General segments with time stamps you can quick link to:

00:02:45 Panel Introductions

00:08:39 CoCo Thoughts

00:10:25 GameON! challenge results

00:13:33 GameON! Discussion - Arkanoid

00:24:53 Next week's game announcment - Canyon Climber

00:31:52 Midi Maestro - commercial

00:32:32 Discussion - Midi Talk

02:44:36 News from around the world

03:02:59 GameON! news

03:31:24 Project updates and acquisitions

03:49:26 CoCo Caboose - after show & wrap-up discussion


Retro Innovations / Jim Brain is now fully shipping MIDI Maestro cards

Brian Schubring and Rob Inman showing use of these cards

#1: General introduction to MIDI on the Coco

#2: Playing Compacted Midi Files


News stories for Episode #175, August 29, 2020 show:


1) Bill Pierce has released version 2.0.1f of VCC.

 James Ross put up a comparison of the new composite colors from the older versions and the new one:


2) Bill Nobel has released his new SDC2 utility

He also has uploaded a short video showing it in action:


3) Phil Harvey-Smith has put some photos up for the custom cases he is doing


4) "The Digital Orphanage" YouTube page has him getting 11(!) Dragon 32 computers from the Museum of Computing in Swindon, UK


5) Robert Sieg has been experimenting with a program to dither colors on the MC-10


6) Ken (CanadianRetroThings) go his Coco 3 up and running


7) Keith (ChibiAkumas on YouTube) has his next Tandy Coco/Dragon assembly language tutorial up


8) Sheldon MacDonald has released his first beta release of his RSDOS Windows utility.


Game On news:


1) Neil Blanchard has announced availability of his new "The Gamester" - a customizable, real arcade hardware based joystick


2) Denis Bisson put up a gameplay video of Pooyan under MAME.


3) A reminder from Ian Mavric that the 2020 Trash Talk game programming competition for 2020 has a deadline of November 30

Contest page:


4) John "Boatofcar" Shawler of the Amigos did a live Coco stream this past Thursday evening


5) Following Brett Gordon's progress on his networkable Coco 3 game


6) Chet Simpson made an announcement of the official release date for the much anticipated Digger III


7) Jim Gerrie has yet another update to his port of the 3D graphical adventure game Akalabeth


8) User Hloberg on the Atari Age forums has released a Mille Bornes card game (written in BASIC)


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