Video episode 170 Part 2 - The News

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We had a long show today, so a few die hard members decided to soldier on and do an evening news cast, so part 2 of episode 170


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00:04:51 News from around the retro world

01:38:14 GameON! news

02:36:12 CoCo Caboose



1 Boisy sold his "Marty Goodman edition" modified Coco 3 on ebay.


2 Brian Schubring NRI Coco course books


3 Newsmakers Tech  a Tandy Lab episode


4 Sheldon MacDonald RSDOS disk imaging tool for windows


5 Garrett Meiers photos Coco haul in NC


6 Netflix "History 101", season 1 episode 4 (plastics) at around 10:35 has a very brief


7 3rd party Dragon joystick (the ALT A1)


8 Greg Dionne GitHub for MC-10 (6803/6847) assembly language programming


9 Roland's Recycling YouTube channel VLOG #8: "Tandy Coco2 Part 1 - Testing it out".


10 ZENITH System 3 tests (another!) CRT.


11 "8bitsinthebasement" (real name Peter, from France) a video about his Coco 2


12 Soren Roug a new OS-9 Level 2 emulator he is working on


13 Garrett Meiers a different Videotex terminal "Professional Farmers Instant Update"


14 Bart van Akker new Dragon & Coco donations at the Home Computer Museum


15 Ed Snider "re-organization" retro-computer storage room


16 Robin Buckley, father's old Coco 1 w/ 32K RAM


17 Nathan Byrd hooking up a Teensy 3.5 to his Coco 3


18 Alexander Von Hartmann picture from the 1986/1987 office at Australian Coco


19 Jeff Salzman Silver Spoons where Coco 1 featured


episode with a Coco 2


20 Andrew Marshall photos of a Coco 2


21 Richard Harding Dragon keyboard through USB,Teensy 2.0


22 Roger Taylor Dragon 64 core on the MiSTer


23 Dragon group PDF "advanced sound&graphics for the Dragon computer"


24 Tony Jewell getting the CocoVGA into a Dragon 32


25 John Whitworth cool masks for CoVid


26 Darren Ottery MC-10 Home Computer Course #17


27 Brian Blake review SoundChaser


28 Brett Gordon UDP based debugger/monitor


Game On news:

1 Jim Gerrie an update  MC-10 port of Akalabeth,




2 Chet Simpson Digger III


 Super Pitfall


3 Paul Thayer  game play


4 Trey Tomes Python based Sudoku


5 Erico Patricio Monteiro animations and moves


6 Joey Cabral arcade cabinet Temple Of ROM


7 Paul Shoemaker Poker Squares


8 "Might Heidi Dream Warrior"gameplay  of Downland


9 Marlin Lee Moon Patrol based game:


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