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We're back with another episode of everyone's favorite talk show, CoCoTALK!


General segments with time stamps you can quick link to:

00:02:47 Panel Introductions

00:07:31 AtomicPi - CoCo project with Aaron Doughty

00:36:56 News from around the retro world

01:03:37 CoCo Thoughts

01:04:18 GameON! challenge results

01:20:58 Next week's game announcment - The Crystal City -

01:25:00 Rally-SG go live announcement with Nick Marentes -

01:40:57 GameON! news

01:59:44 CoCo Thoughts

02:01:08 Upcoming game announcement - Bomb Threat

02:01:36 Project updates and acquisitions

03:00:28 CoCo Thoughts

03:03:33 CoCo Caboose - after show & wrap-up discussion


News stories for Episode #168, July 11, 2020 show:


1) Carlos Camacho has shrunken replicas of the Coco 1 that I believe were 3D resin printed


2) Eric Sperano has written a little launch program for his SDC


3) Erico Patricio Monteiro has a request on Facebook for helping crunch a program down for a project he is working on


4) Martin Brossman posted some photos from when he worked at Radio Shack in the 1980's


5) Alison DeNu has been recovering multiple programs that she wrote in the past for the Coco from old audio cassettes


6) Jonathan Felchlin posted on Facebook about the availability of a Coco 2 Cap replacement kit


7) Jim McClellan posted how he got his DMP-105 working again, including the trick of replacing the ink sponge:


8) Quinn Good posted a series of videos on YouTube about a Coco 2 he found in the attic (he is a young fella)

And then a third video a few days later, where he learns how to take apart and needs to clean a dirty keyboard:


Game On news:


1) Evan Wright has some embellishments to Flood It


2) Jim Gerrie shows off a Battleship style game on the MC-10,


3) Jerry Stratton posted a link to his site where he has a text mode version of Reversi


4) Erico Patricio Monteiro has some updated semigraphics animation demos for his karate game he is working on


5) "The 64K Gamer" on YouTube has a video up showing how to get free cassette file games (from the Color Computer Archive) onto your phone to load on a Coco


6) Retro Core on YouTube has part 2 of his "Battle of the Ports", this time of Frogger. Part 2


7) Giger Punk (Rob's Retro Ramblers) returns with his Cuthbert in the Cooler review/playthrough:


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