Video episode 166 - Rally SG premiere

This week we'll look at the world premiere of the latest game from Nick Marentes, Rally SG, inspired by Rally-X from the arcade, it uses the 9-color semi-graphics mode, and will run on a CoCo 1,2,3 and Dragon with 64K.


This along with CoCo and retro news, GameOn! results, the new game of the week, projects, updates, acquisitions, and all kinds of CoCo goodness!


Time Stamps:

  • 00:02:23               Panel Introductions
  • 00:10:02               CoCo and Retro News
  • 00:25:11               CoCo Thoughts
  • 00:25:36               GameON! Results, discussion, and new game reveal
  • 00:45:41               Gaming news
  • 00:54:56               Rally SG premier with Nick Marentes
  • 01:15:17               Project acquisitions, updates
  • 02:04:42               additional updates and discussions
  • 02:22:19               Closing credits
  • 02:24:44               Final words


News stories for Episode #166, June 27, 2020 show:


1) CanadianRetroThings has a new video out showing him hooking up his giant Panasonic TV/Radio/Cassette deck to his MC-10 this time:


2) Davy Mitchell posted a link to his blog, "Davy's Retro Corner", in the Dragon Facebook group. This entry talks about a 3D terrain generating program


3) The Trash Talk (TRS-80) podcast has game programming contest, that includes the Coco.


4) Tim Halloran has a video demonstrating him powering his Coco 2 - from USB:


5) Keith (ChibiAkumas on YouTube) has his 2nd 6809 assembly language tutorial up - this episode covers the 6809 addressing modes:


6) Ed Snider has some photos of his 32K RAM MC-10 board in the making


Game On news:


1) Paul Shoemaker is working on a Coco 3 only Dungeon Crawler, and shows a sample screen using a tileset he purchased:


2) Neil Blanchard has ROM cartridge versions of Rick Adam's "Bomb Threat" game available again, for $30.



3) Neil also has the new cartridge game by Evan Wright called 3D Monster Maze, which is a Coco 1/2 version of the game


Evan also upload a video of the final version in action:


4) Cuthbert Dragon has a few new Dragon gameplay videos of note this week:

- Monsters


5) Ciaran has released an updated Coco version of the Dragon game ROTABB's - it now includes the original loaded an opening story:


6) Nick Marentes has a video out to promote his Rally-SG game for all Coco's and the Dragon's (with at least 64K), which is getting released in August:


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