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We're back with everyone's favorite talk show about the CoCo and this week we'll talk about news, GameON! results for Galagon and so much more!

General segments with time stamps you can quick link to:
00:03:08 Nick Marotta magizine cover
00:03:46 Panel Introductions
00:07:50 Project updates and acquisitions - Part 1
00:29:39 News from around the retro world
01:03:17 CoCo Thoughts
01:03:43 GameON! challenge results
01:26:59 Next week's game announcment
01:37:26 GameON! news
02:43:54 CoCo Thoughts
02:46:28 Project updates and acquisitions - Part 2
03:41:38 CoCo Caboose - after show & wrap-up discussion
03:43:22 CoCoTalk - In these trying times

News stories for Episode #165, June 20, 2020 show:
1) Canadian Retro Things has a video of how to fix some screen glitches he had in his MC-10 with the 8K RAM mod.

2) Phil Harvey-Smith has some photos of the first factory manufactured circuit boards for the DragonSM.

3) Jim Gerrie basically has Sword of Fargoal working on the MC-10, but he needs some bug-testers.

4) Allen Huffman's new blog post is a bit different this week - he found an old handwritten disassembly that he had written decades ago

5) Ed Snider has a test CocoMECH keyboard using black keys:

6) Bart van den Akker of the Home Computer Museum in the Netherlands had his original Coco 2

7) Todd Wallace has released his new DIR utility for NitrOS-9 that works similar to DIR in MS-DOS (his screenshot is even using his CGA PC font), and you can download it from his site:

8) Boysentech has announced availability of their version of the CocoSDC

9) Mini discussion topic - Michael Pittsley put up a question on Facebook Friday evening about what is the best "Demo" program on the Coco 3?

10) Boisy Pitre has released The Coco Collector Episode 3 - which shows a Coco 3 that used to belong to Marty Goodman

Game On news:
1) Marlin Lee has put up a video of a rare Moon Patrol style game (Butterfly Patrol)

2) Brian Palmer has been hunting through his disks looking for later versions of Spectral Associates games, after they enabled speech (for the Sound Speech Pak)

3) Jim Gerrie has (possibly final) video showing The Sword of Fargoal

4) Cuthbert Dragon has been busy again:
Ones of note (some totally new, some where he/she actually knows how to play):
North Sea Action (which appears to be a clone of Anteater from the arcade, or at least a derivative).
Rola Ball
6809 Express
Super Nova
Perilous Pit
Castle Attack
River of Fire (it changes color sets as you play, which is different for a graphic adventure game)
Death Valley
Cosmic Crusader (which I just added to my website recently)
Return of the Ring (make sure to scrub through - there are several display types as one plays)
Juxtaposition (skip to 5:30, when he leaves the dome, too - some of the walking has a 3D type effect)
Sword and the Sourcerer
Starman Jones
Kung Fu the Master
Sky-Joust (which at first glance it looks like Joust, but... you can shoot?
Star Defense
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