Video episode 163 - CoCo-Pi project update

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This week we're going to focus on the latest and greatest update to the CoCo-Pi project which now has an official web site We'll show you a 30 minute tutorial on how to download and set up your Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 to run the CoCo-Pi image. We show you how to add all the CoCo ROMS to MAME, how to download and run software, and how to add your own software to your system. This will be followed by a live Q&A session with Ron Klein who's managing this project.

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General segments with time stamps you can quick link to:
00:02:51 Panel Introductions
00:05:51 Ron Klein - CoCoPi update
00:17:18 CoCo Thoughts
01:17:37 GameON! challenge results
01:20:50 GameON! Lunar Rover Patrol discussion
01:30:39 Next week's game announcment
01:39:09 GameON! news
02:07:13 News from around the retro world
02:41:56 CoCo Thoughts
02:44:29 Project updates and acquisitions
03:11:17 Nightmare Highway - The song
03:14:05 CoCo Caboose - after show & wrap-up discussions

New Links:
1) Tim Halloran put up a video on how to take a Coco 2 keyboard apart, and clean it:

2) Erico Monteiro

3) David K on YouTube

4) Coco Crew episode 60 was released, and includes a review of Rampage.

5) Ed Snider has announced 8 MB RAM upgrade

6) Eric Canales shared a cool video clip

7) Rubber feet for the Coco 1:

8) Terry Trapp CoCo capture issues

9) Guillaume Major has done some updates to the Color Computer Archive

10) James Jones runs some BASIC09 performance tests with surprising results

11) James Hosts inquires about INKEY$ and alternatives to allow for key repeat detection

12) Wayne Aaron obtains a CoCo 2 he plans to use as a CoCo-Pi case

13) Alsion Denu posts some *interesting* photos with CoCos

14) Tony Jewell from the Dragon group joins the CoCo owner's club

Game On news:
1) YouTuber "retro techtive" has started releasing Coco game videos

Air Attack:

2) The Amigos released their final regular episode of The Coco Show

3) GigerPunk did a video of Cuthbert in the Mines on his Dragon 32:

4) Pere Serrat released a new video of his updated AGD engine, using the Wordpak II+

5) Erik Gavriluk started an interesting discussion on what is the greatest ORIGINAL Coco 3 game

6) Mark McDougall is starting to work on finishing some of his arcade transcodes again

7) Cuthbert Dragon released a lot of new Dragon gameplay videos this week
Red Meanies (3D Pacman):

Keys of Roth (kind of a graphics Choose Your Own Adventure style game(:


Mutant Wars (kind of a Shamus/Berzerk crossover?):

Screaming Ab-Dabs (and he seems to know how to actually play it properly):

8) Michael Pittsley inquires about a Soduko game for the CoCo, John Linville replies

9) Carlos Camacho inquires about the Canyon Climber Cartridges for the NEC PC-600, created by James Garon, author of the CoCo version

Steve Bjork chimes in
Allen Huffman posts a YouTube video of the game by HighRetroGameLord


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