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Episode 162 of CoCoTALK! celebrates the NASA/Space-X live launch and incorporates that into the show.  Unfortunately, airing the live footage became a copyright issue and so this replay will now feature some substitute footage, our apologies.


Segment Timestamps:

00:05:36 Panel Introductions

00:09:36 Who's new to Discord this week

00:10:18 CoCo Thoughts

00:11:53 GameON! high score challenge results

00:13:49 GameON! Timberman discussions

00:23:10 Timber Bots

00:47:35 Next week's game announcement

00:53:45 GameON! news game news from around the world

00:57:39 The best 6 minutes of your life

01:20:58 NASA launch with commentary

01:44:32 CoCo Thoughts replay

01:48:46 CoCo News from around the world

02:53:17 CoCo community info

02:38:18 Project updates and Acquisitions

03:16:35 parting thoughts and outro/credits


News Links:

1) James Diffendaffer pointed out the video of Gary Becker showing both Ed Snider's keyboard, and a prototype GIME-X (which Gary is doing the FPGA programming for, and Ed is building the hardware), form the Central Texas Retro Computer Club Online meeting from May 2:


2) Erik Gavriluk has released his new version of the 3D DISPLAY program from Hot Coco magazine. It features the original version, the optimized version (which is at least twice as fast, supports rotation on multiple axis simultaneously, and a Coco 3 version. Details here:


3) Our own Stevie Strowbridge put up a video showing him (finally!) hooking up his MC-10 to his MCX1-128, and showing how much memory it gives to it's enhanced BASIC, and also showing off it's Emcee server capabilities (similar to Drivewire):


4) Carlos Camacho is compiling a list of every possible Model number for all Coco's. If anyone has any more to add, please use the Facebook link to send him the information to update his spreadsheet:


5) Allen Huffman has a post about finding a "COCOFEST" easter egg in BASIC using the RND function... or, *did* he?


6) Canadian Retro Things did a video of hooking his Coco 2 to a 1979 Panasonic Mini TV/Radio/Cassette recorder.


Game News:

1) Eric Monteiro posted a semigraphics demo, this time using real Coco BASIC, for animated characters for an upcoming game he is working on:


2) I will be slowing down game page updates on Monday as I get started into EOU Beta 6, but I will have managed to have added over 70 game entries this month (I should break 80 by the end of the weekend):


3) Cuthbert Dragon posted a lot of Dragon gameplay videos on real hardware.  Teee Off (Dragon color set), Arcadia, Leggit!, Monsters, Flight worth looking at.


4) The Amigos have posted their next episode, featuring Mind-Roll from Tandy (programmed by Jesse Taylor @ Epyx):

They have also recorded their last regular episode (for the forseeable future) featuring Battle Stations by Novasoft, as well as the winner of the Gunstar giveaway contest. This will be officially released on Wednesday.  They have said they will still do some Coco live streams, and an occasional episode as John finds time, but I want to play this clip from the show, where they talk about their experience with the Coco:

Play until 49:13 (Battle Station start)

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