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We're back with another exciting episode of CoCoTALK! this week brings us episode 161.

What can you expect this week? Hearing from CoCo enthusiasts from around the world, get updates on projects and any acquisitions, we'll cover CoCo and retro news from around the world, have our GameON! segment where we'll review the results of all who played Downland this week, we may have a sneak peek or announcement from Boyson technologies, and so much more!


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General segments with time stamps you can quick link to:

  • 00:02:57 Panel Introductions
  • 00:07:32 News from around the retro world
  • 00:57:42 Boysen Tech - Making the CoCoSDC
  • 01:30:47 GameON! challenge results and next week's game reveal
  • 01:55:46 GameON! news
  • 02:17:12 Project updates and acquisitions
  • 03:19:35 CoCo Caboose - after show & wrap-up discussions

News stories for Episode #161, May 23, 2020 show:


1) Frank Hogg published on Facebook, his remembered history of creating the Tomcat computer (TC-9 & TC-70):


2) Stevie put up a couple of videos for the CocoPi3:

   How to set up the CocoPi3:

  Setting up a CocoPi3 to become a full game console:


3) Carlos Camacho put up a scan of an article that Frank Hogg wrote back around 1983/1984, about the Deluxe Coco


4) Eric Canales running MAME in it's debug mode for the Coco, that lets you merge in your own assembly source code into the debugger


5) David O'Connor has started setting up a website of all of his 6809 related projects (Coco's, synthesizers, etc.):


6) Brian Wieseler posted some photos of Coco Kraft Joysticks


7) Alison Denu posted an encrypted file done on the Coco, and invited other Coco users to try and crack it:

  By Wednesday, Paul Fiscarelli had done it, and made a video about it:

  ADDENDUM - Alison has changed her code a bit, and has issued the challenge anew.


8) David Brenneman shows a completed cartridge interface for the CocoPi3


9) Allen Huffman has posted another blog about BASIC, and ELSE/GOTO optimizations:


10) A Youtube channel that I have not seen before called "Take it Apart"


11) Canadian Retro things posted a video showing using a stereo to load programs on an MC-10:


12) Curtis Posted updated the Ease of Use page

  VED 2.9 manual (From Bob van der Poel with permission):

  WINDOWS part of the full NitrOS-9 Level II manual (we are formatting it fairly close to the original manuals):


Game On News stories


1) Marlin Lee has a video of Avenger (a somewhat Defender clone)


2) Paul Thayer has Timber Man back on sale again through PayPal:


3) Pere Serrat has a full gameplay video now of his Coco 1/2/Dragon port of the AGD game


4) Jim Gerrie has his final version of Mahjong for the MC-10


5) Noriko Miyagami has put up a video playthrough of the Adventure International Coco port of "Dog Star Adventure"


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