Video Episode 159 - YA-DOS and more!

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This week we'll be joined by special guest Brett Gordon and see and hear all about his latest release of YA-DOS. We'll also hear from Ron Klein who recently posted a video showing off a virtual hard drive image he's created for YA-DOS that has over 3,000 disks from the Color Computer Archive at your disposal.

We'll also include our usual segments; project updates & acquisitions, GameON! results and the new game of the week reveal, NEWS from around the retroverse and so much more!

General segments with time stamps you can quick link to:
00:02:50 Panel Introductions
00:07:00 Ron Klein - CoCoPi
00:10:25 Brett Gordon - YA-DOS
01:02:37 GameON! challenge results and next week's game reveal
01:19:57 Project updates and acquisitions
01:49:08 News from around the retro world
02:23:08 GameON! news
02:56:29 CoCo Caboose - after show & wrap-up discussions

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GameON! News stories

1) A reminder that time is running out for the Amigos Coco Show Gunstar giveaway! Simply leave a review of their show on iTunes to enter (look for "The Coco Show")!

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