Video Episode 133 - Nick Marotta’s Birthday!

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Another week brings us another fun and informative episode of CoCoTALK! You're welcome ;)


Some news stories for November 9, 2019 show:


1) Sheldon MacDonald put up a video of using QMidi for Windows to create music to play on the Coco with a GMC cartridge


2) Sheldon also has an update to his GMC cartridge design, which includes space for an audio out jack and a "rebuilt, stronger insert":


3) Bill Pierce has a new video showing vertical and horizontal scrolling:


4) Petsasjim1 on YouTube's new Dragon videos:

The Fruity Machine (slot machine):

He also has something different this week - running the Dragon Professional Alpha under MAME. It shows its graphic selection boot/screen.

(The Alpha was a Dragon 64 with built in modem, AY Sound chip, disk interface with two 3.5" drives, and optional boot straight into OS-9).

Galleons (Battleship type game):

Ghost Attack - which is a port of Computerware's Pac Attack, but with 1) a different name, and 2) different color scheme.

Golf (did the Coco or Dragon *ever* have a good golf game?)

Grand Prix (Salamander Software) - BASIC game

Grid Runner:


5) Henry Rietveld put up a video showing making a Canyon Climber disk (on a real floppy disk) - the twist being it is an 8" floppy, not 5.25 or 3.5"


6) 6309 optimized games:

Xenion (original, 6809 optimized, 6309):

Marble Maze (original, 6309):

F-16 Assault:


8) GigerPunk released a video of the game Pub Crawl on the Dragon 32 - which reminds me of the first level of Poltergeist:


9) Chet Simpson has been working on a VGM to SN chiptune convert, using his prototype CPF player for the Coco.:


10) On the software side of things, Simon uploaded a 4 voice software demo that plays a 3 minute, 55 second tune, with, in only 5404 bytes. It also only uses about 1/3 of the CPU cycles, leaving 2/3 for a main program, game, etc.

To download:


11) Nick Marentes put up a short blog, and video, for the latest updates to Gunstar - including some sneak peaks at all 4 levels.


12) Jerry Young is porting the "Duke of Dragonfear" game from the book "Giant Book of Computer Games" to the MC-10 (Jim Gerrie has competition!", and has a video showing it's current state:


13) Lucas Boy on YouTube did a video of Coco 1/2 games under XRoar - his first real experience with a Coco. He covers Arkanoid, Demon Attack, Pinball, and a bunch of others, rather quickly.


14) Paul Fiscarelli has the first prototype run for his Coco keyboard to PC adaptor (good for emulators like MAME, I presume):



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