Video Episode 132 - Lots of Revelations!

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Lots revealed on this weeks show!

A new product "The Joey" has been announced by Jason Reighard and will allow you to switch multiple joystick configurations around.  Visit  to learn more/order.

Stevie Strow has a new CoCoVGA game project

Visit  to learn more about that product

Ron Delvaux and Terry Steege host a  TDP-100 segment

Curtis Boyle reveals 6309 optimized games that run faster on the CoCo 1/2/Dragon and would run even faster on the CoCo 3

Nick Marentes shows a new way to palette patch PMODE 3 colored games to look better on a CoCo 3!


Some news stories for November 2, 2019 show:

1) Jim Gerrie has ported his MC-10 Akalabeth to the Coco, using the same PMODE 2.

He also ported "Paint Duel" to the MC-10


2) Paul Shoemaker has released a new video update to Oregon Trail:


3) Chet Simpson has a demo testing his VGM player that will support the original Speech Systems Symphony 12 card, or Jim Brains Philharmonic 12. He still has a way to go, but the Moon Patrol theme at the beginning sounds very much like the arcade:


4) Todd Wallace has a demo of simple OPL music player based on Ed Sniders CCT (Coco Chip Tunes) format that he plans on using as the base of an OS9 player.


5) Amigos Retro Gaming has a few new Coco videos:


6) Petsasjim1 has some more Dragon videos:

Dragrunner (Kind of Frogger with guns?):

Fireball (written in BASIC):


Fearless Freddy:

Folly's Farm Chicken Run:

Football Manager: Manage your Football (Soccer to us North Americans) team, and low res game play views as well.


7) Gigerpunk has a game video for the Dragon that was a game promo for Weetabix cereal


8) CanadianRetroThings has part two of his MC-10 video up on YouTube.


9) David OConner put a video up showing some custom fonts/palettes using the CocoVGA running on his Coco 1.


10) Simon Jonassen has an animated 10 color palette demo, based on his RGB/10 color demo he did previously, which will be the base background for a much fancier looking demo he is working on.


11) James Jones mentioned on Facebook that the Paul Schreiber interview (from Tandy Assembly) is up on YouTube:


12) Davy Mitchell has updates to SGEDIT online semigraphics screen editing tool, and Rob Inman also found out that it works fine from iOS (in addition to desktop browers):


13) New cartoon from D. Bruce Moore:


VOLUME 1 OF COCO 1/2 6309 ENHANCED GAMES (will work on Coco 3 as well - and if you do POKE 65497,0, some of them *really* run fast) - Includes 6309 sped up versions of 3 old Coco 1/2 games.

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