Video episode 130 - Chet Simpson updates, Dragon Games, Assembly series, and more!

Featuring game development updates from Chet Simpson, CoCo news from around the globe, and a little show and tell from the CoCoTALK! panel.


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Some news stories for October 19, 2019 show:


1) Petsasjim1 has put up more Dragon gameplay videos (Copta Snatch & Cosmic Crusader are quite good):

Chuckie Egg+

Chateau of Gold (interesting interface for a text adventure game):

Championship Darts:


And Clowns part 2?

Tom Mix Colour Golf:


Cuthbert in Space:

Cuthbert Goes Digging:

Cuthbert and the Golden Chalice (jump to 2 minutes in to show multiple screens):

The Cricklewood Incident (another cool "GUI" for an adventure game):

Cruising (actual gameplay starts around 2:20)



Copta Snatch (A hi-res semi-graphics game similar to Chopper Strike/Scramble):

Cosmic Crusader:


2) Ed Snider ( has his shrunken footprint Orchestra-90 cards for sale (called CocoDAC-16).


3) Paul Shoemaker has an update on his porting Oregeon Trail from the Apple II to the Coco:


4) John Linville has made a video demonstrating his first version of replacing the standard Extended BASIC PLAY for the GMC


5) ShareSquid put up another "Tips and Tricks" video, this time for Dungeons of Daggorath:


6) Frédériic Griignon Posted a video on Facebook about a video game tournament from Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1983. The price as a 16K Coco 1, and the competition was playing Mega Bug. All in French.



7) Matchy released a video showing a Coco generating a QR code (and using the Axel F MOD file playing using Sock Master's MOD player as background music), and showing that is scannable.


8) GigerPunk on YouTube started to do long play Dragon game reviews about a year ago - on the real hardware, but I just found out about his page with his latest video, released this week.. He also reads out the original instructions, too.

When he got his Dragon:

Transylvanian Tower:

Phantom Slayer:



9) Secretly helped by our own host Steve Strowbridge, Manny Wolfe II got an awesome anniversary present from his wife & Cloud 9 - a 2 MB RAM, 6309 Coco 3 (including 2048K replacement sticker):


10) Rick Adams put up some details and background story behind his first game cartridge, Temple of Rom, that he has discovered while going through the sourcecode, with an eye on making an updated version of the game:


11) Neil Blanchard put up a photo of some Game Master Cartridge boards being manufactered, as the unstoppable onslaught of winter starts approaching us that live in the Great White North:


12) Simon Jonassen put up some graphic images showing a technique that he is working on of (I think) just using the primary RGB (& black & white) colors with dithering, and alternating lines vertically with red, blue and green based palettes to make it appear as if more colors are being display (kind of like a zoomed up version of the RGB phospher dots that appear in a triangle on a TV):


13) Glenside has released the latest Coco~123 newsletter, with some tweaks by brand new newsletter editor, Stevie Strowbridge:


13) Stevie has gotten Steve Bjork's assembly series in a separate playlist on his Youtube account:

He also has a download page for the slides and sample files from the tutorial:

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