Video episode 129 - Glenside election results

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The top story this week was the results of the Glenside Color Computer Club election results, we also heard project updates from the panel, and reviewed a lot of Coco, MC-10 and Dragon news from around the globe.


Some news stories for October 12, 2019 show:


0) Glenside election results


  • President - Eric Canales
  • Secretary - Rich Bair
  • Treasurer - Brian Goers
  • VicePresident - John Mark Mobley


1) Jim Gerrie has been fixing more bugs, and slightly speeding up his Akalabeth port to the MC-10 (he even took a suggestion from Curtis Boyle!):


Unfortunately, his blog has a later update from Thursday, October 10th, that he is running out of BASIC memory, even on the MCX-128, to be able to fit the whole game on the MC-10 - and the Coco will have a lot of the same issues. So it may have to wait until we get time to work on the a (Nitr)OS9 Level 2 BASIC09 version, where we can get >32K for a BASIC program.



2) Roger Taylor is sending out feelers on Facebook about a "computer on a channel" for Roku, where you will be able to use a Coco 3 emulator through the Roku:


3) Amigos Retro Gaming did a live stream of some classic computer game playing, including a sizable chunk on the Coco 1/2/3 (starting about 59 minutes in for the Coco). Paul Fiscarelli and myself helped supply tips & some game suggestions, and even Rick Adams popped by for a little bit.


4) Amigos Retro Gaming have also released the video of episode 1 of their Coco game podcast (the Coco Show) which features Poltergeist and Sailor Man

And the audio version is up as well:


5) Aaron from Amigos Retro gaming also did a video of him playing Sailor Man live, showing a lot of the features, all 3 levels, the inviso screen, etc.


6) Ed Snider has some preliminary designs for his new Coco 3+ - but this time for the case. It will have an external keyboard, but a built in MPI, and be in a compact, cube shape.

And an actual prototype, showing the 2 slots built in:


7) ShareSquid on YouTube did video play of Downland showing some tips and tricks - running on real hardware with a deluxe joystick.

He also did a companion piece - "Dumb Ways to Die" in Downland:


8) Our own Brian Wieseler has pictures of (and demo video from) the Dazzle video capture device, capturing composite from a Coco 3. It seems to be an excellent job:


9) Petsasjim1 on YouTube did more Dragon game play videos, including (This is not all of them by far):

Cave Fighter (a Scramble type game - but with some cool wall barriers added):

Caverns of Doom (BASIC adventure game with RPG elements):

Capture the Flag:

Buzzin Bertie (never seen this one before, not sure what the goal is):

Bust-Out! (A higher semi-graphics version of Bustout with a fair number of game options - including some multi-voice music in the background at times & win you complete a screen):

Bug Diver (reminds me of Shark Treasure):

Bubble Buster (Popcorn style game):

Brock's Kingdom:

Boulder Crash2 - which is a revised version of Boulder Dash that actually contains a level editor:

Bonka (Space Panic type game):



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