Video episode 102 - live from Oklahoma City

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Live from Oklahoma City it's CoCoTALK! Episode 103! Thanks to MarcB for streaming!

00:00:00 Opening.
00:00:57 Around the Room.
00:22:49 Nicholas Marotta: Interested in Purchasing a CoCo 2.
00:28:55 ogStevie Strow: Office Remodel.
00:30:33 Brian Wieseler: Book, Comics and Dell 2408-WFPB.
00:37:51 Rick Adams: Snow Free??
00:40:07 Paul Shoemaker: Dungeon Crawl, and CoCo 2 Poster.
00:49:19 Break.
00:51:47 The New Rainbow Magazine Update.
00:59:53 News, From Around the CoCo and Dragon World..
01:35:42 Break.
01:37:28 Core Dump: NitrOS9, DriveWire and Ease of Use ( EoU ).
02:30:35 Closing.

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