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November 23rd, 2017    

Episode 34 - Special guest host Grant Leighty!

Welcome to CoCoTALK! Episode 34, the first live CoCoTALK! we've had in about 3 weeks. Due to home internet issues, ogStevieStrow has been unable to live stream the show, the past few episodes have been pre-recorded.

Today Grant Leighty takes over as both the live stream host and the show host for episode 34.

The primary topics discussed were Discord, the new audio/video chat application most of the panel of CoCoTALK! use to communicate behind-the-scenes, as well as some of the differences between using various emulators and real hardware.

Next week we hope to be back to the regular program, thanks for sticking with us.

On the show:
Barry Nelson, David Ladd, Grant Leighty, Curtis Boyle, Mark Overholser, Nick Marentes, Jim Brain, Richard Lorbieski, Ron Delvaux, Wayne Campbell

00:00:00 - Lead In and Opening
00:00:31 - going around the room...
00:01:23 - CoCoTALK!, Return to Live, first time in Three Weeks.
00:02:30 - ( Echo Fixed )
00:03:13 - What's New and Exciting?
00:05:27 - Forest of Doom? What is everyone's opinion.
00:06:43 - Timberman? Anyone try it?? Pre-Order
00:08:22 - ( Stream Issues )
00:11:00 - Other Games? Shark / Tiburon
00:15:37 - Compu-Serve Ad
00:16:04 - CoCoTALK! Swag
00:16:56 - David Ladd???
00:17:25 - Steve is switching Internet providers.
00:18:16 - A Pause for Refreshments.
00:19:32 - The Rainbow ( Facebook ) Ron Cline's CoCo 3 with a CoCoPi
00:22:57 - The CoCo 4 appears, again.. Just a MockUp.
00:24:54 - Successors of the CoCo 3. Tom Cat, MM1, PT68K4.
00:27:14 - NitrOS9, "Easy of Use", project update.
00:28:24 - CoCoTALK! Bumpers.
00:29:18 - Video and POD Cast Statistic
00:30:11 - Feedback on CoCoTALK!
00:31:35 - Sartis Tech, No Halt Controller.
00:32:51 - IRQ Blog/Tutorial from Glen Hewlett
00:34:07 - eBay, lots of CoCo Items.
00:34:32 - Intelevision ( Tandy-Vision ) discussion.
00:38:34 - ogStevieStrow's other YouTube Channels
00:40:59 - One Zip to Rule them ALL: The Color Computer Archive in One Image.
00:42:23 - eBay, Speech and Sound Pack & Direct Modem Pack
00:43:05 - Direct Modem Pack mod to RS-232 Pack
00:44:06 - CoCoSDC: Coming Soon, Updated Video for updating the CoCoSDC .
00:45:08 - Rage Quitting??
00:45:43 - Game Trivia...
00:46:44 - Adult "only" Games for the CoCo??
00:48:20 - CoCoTALK! Bumpers.
00:49:23 - David Ladd: Tech Talk; Discord Usage and Feeding.
00:57:53 - David Ladd: Tech Talk; CoCo/Dragon Emulator Issues.
01:03:44 - The CoCoPi Image has been Updated.

Shark / Tiburon

IRQ Blog/Tutorial

The Color Computer Archive in One Image

CoCoPi Download Sites


November 18th, 2017    

Episode 33 - Hardware Talk!

CoCoTALK! Episode 33 - Hardware Talk!

Today we talk about the must have, rare, unique, hard to find, and otherwise sought after and coveted hardware devices to have for your CoCo collection.

On the show: Bill Nobel, Bruce Moore, David Ladd, Grant Leighty, L. Curtis Boyle, Mark Overholser, Michael Brant, Nick Marentes, Paul Fiscarelli, Jim Brain from Retro Innovations, Steve Bjork, and Ron Delvaux.

We start off by hearing an update from Bruce Moore about Forest of Doom and the Contest winner.

We also get into new hardware solutions for the CoCo and even pontificate a bit about some wish list devices we'd like to see for the CoCo.

We also get to hear from the Forest of Doom contest Winner, Paul Fiscarelli, and hear a bit about a cool project he's working on, a disk image explorer that allows you to view and manipulate disk images on a modern PC.

Original YouTube video:

00:00:00 - Dale Lear Bumper.
00:00:06 - Lead In and Opening
00:02:10 - Going around the room...
00:03:40 - D. Bruce Moore, Forest of Doom, update.
00:12:14 - CoCoTALK! Statistics
00:18:03 - Paul Thayer - Timberman Release
00:19:14 - Ron Delvaux: Networking on the CoCo with TCP/IP.
00:30:29 - CoCoTALK! Bumpers
00:34:04 - Grant's Newbie Talk: What Hardware do I NEED to get?
00:35:40 - Old Hardware you need: Any "unicorns"??
01:01:36 - CoCoTALK! Bumpers.
01:25:44 - ??!???!?!!!???
01:26:14 - CoCoTALK! Bumpers.
01:27:46 - New Hardware you need.
01:51:25 - CoCoTALK! Bumpers.
01:52:14 - Future Hardware you need.
02:02:06 - Jeri Ellsworth - C64 in a Joystick.
02:02:25 - Curt Vendel - The Atari Flashback.
02:08:29 - Ron Delvaux: The "new" Rainbow Magazine.
02:22:10 - CoCoTALK! Bumpers.
02:29:48 - Paul Fiscarelli - Winner of the One Mug to Rule them All.
02:51:11 - Final Closing and Lead Out.

November 6th, 2017    

Episode 32 - Forest of Doom Launch Party

Only the bravest souls enter, only the most cunning return!  Defeat innumerable monsters to ransom the king’s scepter, stolen by the evil wizard and kept deep in the Forest of Doom.
Your sword, shield and wits are your only allies – pray you find a magical Inn as your only respite!

Forest of Doom is a Role Playing Adventure Game for the Tandy Color Computer 1, 2, and 3. Created by D. Bruce More in roughly 1982 for a 4K CooCo 1 with standard Color BASIC, Bruce put this game to the side when get got a 16K CoCo 2 and started writing games in Extended Color BASIC, and eventually sold 5 games that were published by T&D Software as games on cassette, party of a monthly subscription software service.

This game was lost and forgotten for almost 30 years, when in 2016, Bruce's brother got him a CoCo 2 from a thrift store, and to his surprise, Bruce found some of original cassette tapes, and, the original version of Forest of Doom. It's been a labor of love updating and enhancing this game to now run on a 32K CoCo requiring a disk drive and Extended BASIC,.

We'll hear about Bruce's early beginnings, all the way up to the process of completing Forest of Doom in 2017. We'll see an exclusive first look at an extended video trailer, and see the world premier of what the game actually looks like.

You can get your own copy of the strategy guide which contains a link to download the game and the soundtrack at:


Video episode on YouTube:



November 3rd, 2017    

Episode 31 - Rainbow Revival

In episode 31 of CoCoTALK! we'll discuss the buzz this week that's been going on in Facebook at the possibility of a modern version of the Rainbow Magazine, which was "the institution" of tech magazines for the Color Computer.

Ron Delvaux has been busy creating not only mock covers, but will have a 20+ digital version of what the magazine could look like.

We have set up a website for an on-line version of the magazine which is and we'll hear people's opinion and suggestions on what a new Rainbow should be, seeing as there is already a monthly podcast and a weekly live talk show, it wouldn't be the place to get breaking news, but it could serve a nice periodical to document things that have happened, quarterly, bi-annually, or even a year-end review.

Weigh in with your thoughts, opinions and suggestions.

On the call:
Barry Nelson, Bruce More, Curtis Boyle, David Ladd, Grant Leighty, Jay Searle, John Linville, Mark Overholser, Nick Marentes, Richard Lorbieski, Rick Adams, Steve Batson, Ron Delvaux, Wayne Campbell

CoCoTALK! airs live, right here on YouTube each and every Saturday at 2:00 PM EDT! We are also available for replay and podcast listening! For all things CoCoTALK! visit

Regular segments:
Panel introduction, review of how our week in the retro hobby transpired.

Feed back review:
We go over previous episodes, how many views have they received, what's our current podcast download count, who sent us comments, email feed back, all those and more will be discussed and shared.

Community activity reviews:
Review of news and postings from the Facebook group and the Color Computer mailing list.

Each week Grant Leighty will have the newbie question of the week about something to do with your color computer or emulator.

L. Curtis Boyle and David Ladd provide us with some more depth on technical discussions

Ron's Garage!
Ron Delvaux offers us a peek into the past by showing of his impressive retro computing collection, each week we'll see some new items and talk about them.

Interviews, News, Reviews, and more!

CoCoTALK! is the nation's leading live talk show featuring the Tandy Color Computer.

For all things CoCoTALK! visit

Custom artwork designed by Instagram artist Joel M. Adams:

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