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October 27th, 2017    

CoCoTALK! After Dark! Episode 01

CoCoTALK! After Dark! Episode 01 - 10-21-2017


On episode 30 of CoCoTALK! we talked about some of the community drama, and it was good to talk about it, but we didn't get to have too many other just "normal" conversations.

Later in the evening, a few of the CoCoTALK!ers got together for an off-line conversation that went in many directions.

Yes, we talked a little more about the drama, but we also talked about a few other things, and, just talked.  This is unscripted, unplanned, and slightly, uncensored.


On the call:

David Ladd, Jay Searle, Nick Marentes, Jim Brain from Retro Innovations, Rick Adams, Wayne Campbell, and hosted by ogStevieStrow


We talked a bit about Pop*Star Pilot with it's author, Rick Adams gave us some mental notes on the next game he's thinking about designing.

Jim Brain gave some input on to when people want to "armchair quarterback" somebody else's project, and was asking to be called out, if he ever crossed any lines in the community.

Jay Searle had some assembly language questions, which, we were lucky to have a handful of experts around to handle, and many other random topics were discussed.

We hope you like the episode, and let us know if you'd like to see and hear more episodes like this.


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October 27th, 2017    

Episode 30 - Community Drama

Episode 30 of CoCoTALK! finds us having to address some community drama that has popped up this week, which we attempt to do in a mature, and intelligent way, to shed light on some things, and hopefully find ourselves in a better place when it comes to competition, stepping on toes, etc.

On the call:
Barry Nelson, Boisey Pitre, Brendan Donahe, Ciaran Ancomb, David Ladd, Eddy Szczerbinski, Glen Hewlett, Grant Leight, John T. Robbs, L. Curtis Boyle, Mark Overholser, Mike Rown, Nicholas Marentes, Retro Innovations/Jim Brain, Richard Lorbieski, Ron Delvaux, Simon Jonassen, Steve Bjork


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October 19th, 2017    

Episode 29 - Tandy Assembly wrap-up show

Episode 29 - The Tandy Assembly Post Show! We'll talk about everything that was happening this past weekend!

On the show:
Brendan Donahe, Brett Gordon, Ciaran Anscomb, David Ladd, George Philips, Grant Leighty, Jay Searle, John Linville, John Strong, John T. Robbs, L. Curtis Boyle, Mark Overholser, Mike Rowen, Neil Blanchard, Nick Marentes, Paul Thayer, Retro Innovations (Jim Brain), Richard Lorbieski, Simon Jonassen, Steve Batson, Wallace Ron Delvaux (21 people, wow!)

CoCoTALK! airs live, right here on YouTube each and every Saturday at 2:00 PM EDT! We are also available for replay and podcast listening! For all things CoCoTALK! visit

Regular segments:
Panel introduction, review of how our week in the retro hobby transpired.

Feed back review:
We go over previous episodes, how many views have they received, what's our current podcast download count, who sent us comments, email feed back, all those and more will be discussed and shared.

Community activity reviews:
Review of news and postings from the Facebook group and the Color Computer mailing list.

Each week Grant Leighty will have the newbie question of the week about something to do with your color computer or emulator.

L. Curtis Boyle and David Ladd provide us with some more depth on technical discussions

Ron's Garage!
Ron Delvaux offers us a peek into the past by showing of his impressive retro computing collection, each week we'll see some new items and talk about them.

Interviews, News, Reviews, and more!

CoCoTALK! is the nation's leading live talk show featuring the Tandy Color Computer.

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October 18th, 2017    

Tandy Talk! Tandy Assembly Podcasters Roundtable - October 7th, 2017

Tandy Talk!  Tandy Assembly Podcasters Roundtable - October 7th, 2017


On the panel:

  • Steve Strowbridge - host of CoCoTALK!
  • Peter Bartlett - TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast
  • Ian Mavrick - TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast
  • Peter Cetinski - TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast
  • Neil Blanchard - CoCo Crew Podcast
  • John W. Linville - CoCo Crew Podcast
  • Mike “MiRo” Rowen - CoCo Crew Podcast



  • Introductions:  Who we are, what show we’re on, and how/why we got started with TRS-80 and Tandy Computers
  • Speaking with the attendees, what got you into TRS-80 and Tandy Computers, what got you to attend Tandy Assembly.
  • Lots of great discussions about our favorite vintage computers.


Links to the panel and podcasts:

Ian Mavrick - The Right Stuff:

Peter Bartlett - Bartlett Labs:

The Floppy Days Podcast:

The CoCo Crew Podcast:

TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast:

CoCoTALK! Podcast:

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