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September 28th, 2017    

Episode 27 - Ease of Use!

CoCoTALK! Episode 27 - the Ease of Use Episode! Original air date - 09-23-2017

On the show: John Strong, Richard Lorbieski, Barry Nelson, Bill Nobel, Curtis Boyle, David Ladd, Simon Jonassen, Rick Adams, Nicholas Marentes, Jim Brain from Retro Innovations, and D. Bruce More.

  • John Strong filled us in on the status of his projects "Dr. CoCo" a Dr. Mario clone which will feature the Game Master Cartridge sound chip, as will "Handy Andy" a Wreck-It Ralph/Fix-It Felix Clone, along with some news of VCF Midwest.
  • Barry Nelson brought us up to speed on Jim Brain's 2MB RAM upgrade which will go in-line with the CoCo GIME chip.
  • Simon Jonassen has some killer demos with animation and music for the upcoming Tandy Assembly.
  • Richard Lorbieski had a question about using the CoCoSDC with DriveWire and OS-9 which was our main TechTALK! and we were reminded of just how much "Ease of Use" OS-9 offers :)
  • Jim Brain showed us a hardware project he tweaked based on David Ladd's design of a circuit board that allows you to use a PS/2 mouse on a CoCo. All this and more :)

Regular segments:

  • Introduce the panel of the week, go around the room, see what everyone's been up to.
  • Feed back review: We go over previous episodes, how many views have they received, what's our current podcast download count, who sent us comments, email feed back, all those and more will be discussed and shared.
  • Review of news and postings from the Facebook group and the Color Computer mailing list.
  • NewbieTALK! Each week Grant Leighty will have the newbie question of the week about something to do with your color computer or emulator.
  • TechTALK! L. Curtis Boyle and David Ladd provide us with some more depth on technical discussions
  • Ron's Garage! Ron Delvaux offers us a peek into the past by showing of his impressive retro computing collection, each week we'll see some new items and talk about them. Interviews, News, Reviews, and more!
  • CoCoTALK! is the nation's leading live talk show featuring the Tandy Color Computer. For all things CoCoTALK! visit

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September 22nd, 2017    

Episode 26 - New CoCo games, assembly optimization, Simon’s latest demo and more!

CoCoTALK #26 09-16-2017


Episode 26 - New CoCo games, assembly optimization, Simon's latest demo and more!


CoCoTALK! is the nation's leading live talk show featuring the Tandy Color Computer.  For video and audio replays, visit


On the show:

Ciaran Anscomb, D. Bruce Moore, Jacob Moore, David Ladd, Glen Hewlett, Grant Leighty, Jay Searle

  1. Curtis Boyle, Mark Overholser, Paul Thayer, Richard Lorbieski, Ron Delvaux, Simon Jonassen, Wayne Campbell


Ciaran Anscomb shared a cool CoCo/Dragon project with us, the Mooh memory and MPI board:


Paul Thayer shows us a sneak peek at a CoCo 3 game in development, Timberman, and talks about how Simon Jonassen helped him learn how to optimize assembly code.


Glen Hewlett reminds us of his current blog posts about optimizing assembly programming.


Grant Leighty had the Newbie question of the week; which method of purchasing real CoCo hardware to each of us prefer?


Richard Lorbieski talked about about the risks of purchasing TRS-80 "model X" machines via mail, and some services he'll offer at Tandy Assembly.


Ron Delvaux treated us to an extended version of Ron's Garage including a Tandy Hard Drive controller, and lots of cool magazines and manuals.


Simon Jonassen showed us his latest demo with 2-voice music, and plasma animation.


Wayne Campbell gave us a peek at how to use BASIC09 to use different routines, loops, goSUBS and goTOs, which was pretty cool.


All this and more!


Original live stream:

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Custom artwork designed by Instagram artist Joel M. Adams:

September 17th, 2017    

Episode #25 - The Hurricane Irma edition!

CoCoTALK! #25 09-09-2017


CoCoTALK! Episode #25 - The Hurricane Irma edition!


People on the show and items discussed:

John W. Linville - Host of the CoCoCREW! POD Cast.

Glen Hewlett interview on CoCoCREW!, Hack-A-Day project mention

Bill Nobel: Full Source Code for the Ribbs BBS for OS9, v2.03.

The "original" Three Musketeers of NitrOS9, Curtis Boyle and Bill Nobel & Wes Gail.

John W. Linville: Another Mashup of The CoCoCrew! and Trash Talk..

Pending Interview with Curtis Boyle and Bill Nobel & Wes Gail.

Rick Adams' Bomb Threat cartridges for Tandy Assemble, 24 Units.

ohn W. Linville: Facebook post with Bomb Threat cartridge, art by Joel Adams.

John W. Linville: Retrochallenge 2017/10,

Bruce Moore: Found an Easter Egg in OS9..

William Schaub: Wanting to start learning 6809 Assembly Language.

Ron Delvaux's OS9 Group: Remembering OS9 on the CoCo.

OS9 Easter Eggs.

CoCo 3 Easter Egg.

CoCopedia: Allen Huffman's

OS9 History by Bill Peirce.

OS9 Resources ( Manuals ) on the OS9 Group.

Different versions of the Color BASIC Manuals.

Ron Delvaux's Garage: Four Videos of CoCos and CoCoSDC with a "real" Floppy.

CoCo Mail List:

William Schaub: Background with the CoCo.

William Schaub: First Assembly Language program.

Grant Leighty's Newbie Talk: CoCo Pi, What is It, and How does it Work?

Curtis Boyle and David Ladd with Tech Talk: Barry Nelson, Cave Walker for OS9 on NitrOS9 L2.

Tandy Assembly check in:

BREAKING NEWS: CoCo List, Toolshed v2.2 just released, HDB-DOS v1.5 just released.

CoCo Mailing List: Overview of contents

CoCo Sources of Information: Facebook, CoCo List, IRC, CoCoTALK! on Skype and Discord, Yahoo Group, and Fido-Net.

CoCo Retro Pi: Dual DriveWire Servers with One shared Image to Exchange Files.

CoCo to Drivewire cable.   Two different Cable Designs...   Which one is Correct??

Mark D. Overholser: Drivewire cable design,

William Schaub: Windows File Sharing or WinSCP for Disk Sharing.



September 8th, 2017    

Episode 24 - Oz K-Fest - Forrest of Doom trailer 2 - New OS-9 commercial and more!

CoCoTALK #24 09-02-2017


Episode 24 - Oz K-Fest - Forrest of Doom trailer 2 - new OS-9 commercial and more!  09-02-2017


Episode 24 treated us to a peek down under to an Apple II event in Australia called Oz K-Fest which was a weekend event dedicated to the early Apple line of computers.  Our foreign correspondent Nick Marentes gave us an inside view of what the Australian Apple community are up to these days, and the projects are impressive!


We also got to see the world premier of the Forest of Doom trailer 2, and a brand new commercial for OS-9!  This along with some regular segments like Ron’s Garage, TechTALK! And NewbieTALK!  And the latest look at what’s scheduled for Tandy Assembly.  I think we covered a lot of CoCo this week :)


On the show:

  • Mark Overholser
  • Bill Nobel
  • Bruce and Jacob Moore
  • David Ladd
  • Grant Leighty
  • Curtis Boyle
  • Ciaran Anscomb
  • Ron Delvaux
  • Mike Rowen aka MiRo
  • Boisey Pietre
  • Nick Marentes
  • Hugo Duffort
  • Richard Lorbieski
  • Barry Nelson
  • Richard Chrislip



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