Episode 41 - CoCoTALK! After Dark #2


Original video episode YouTube link:  https://youtu.be/OtdgWeD7N4Q

This week's CoCoTALK! was not live, it was recorded Friday night as our second ever CoCoTALK! after dark, no agenda, no live audience, just a couple of guys talking CoCo, and perhaps having some adult beverages.

On the call: Bill Nobel, Boisy Pitre, Grant Leighty, CoCoMan Jason Reighard, Bruce Moore, David Ladd, John Linville, John Strong, Mark Overholser, Mike Rowen, Neil Blancard, Paul Fiscarelli, Paul Thayer, Richard Lorbieski, Ron Delvaux, Simon Jonassen, and Steve Batson.

We did a little bit of around the room project updates.

David Ladd explained a 6809 emulation bug he discovered that's being addressed and showed us how to create PMODE 4 image using MS Paint in Windows and converting it to work on the CoCo.

Boisy Pitre gave us an update on the DriveWire server for Mac he's working on.

John Linville showed off a cool joystick adapter for the Alice computer, French cousin of the MC-10

And we heard updates from just about everybody on the panel as far as what they are working on, and had a lot of random chat, and a few laughs.


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